Offline programming

Advantages of offline programming combined with simulation

  1. The robot can be programmed even before it is set up
  2. Design and engineering flaws can be identified early on. Changes can be made on the computer if necessary, avoiding the need for costly on-site modifications.
  3. Extensive changes to robot applications are often much easier to implement through offline programming than through direct modification of the robot.
  4. In the 3D computer environment, every part of the robot environment can viewed from all sides. In real life, certain perspectives are often concealed or hard to access.

Once the software is finished and has been tested offline, it is transferred to the robot and can be executed immediately.

The use of offline programming can boost the profitability of robots particularly in machining processes, as it can reduce the time required to put them into service and minimise the need for subsequent modifications. Layout diagrams, additional axes and multi-robot solutions can be designed more comfortably and transparently, too.

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