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Welding technology

A comprehensive range of welding products and services

Whether plasma cutting or autogenous technology, whether suction technology or occupational safety – Blumenbecker is your partner for all things welding.

We give you friendly and comprehensive advice, analyse your requirements and recommend products that fit your needs. We also maintain our own in-house competence centre for welding technology in Beckum for you to try out new or special processes, always supervised by a knowledgeable guide.

We only supply products that have undergone thorough testing in practice and whose quality has fully satisfied us. In addition to our FORMAT label brand, we offer products from all major manufacturers such as Lorch, Voestalpine Böhler Welding and Hypertherm, all of which are known for innovation and quality.

With Lorch, Hypertherm and Rhöna as our system partners, the equipment we supply covers all common welding techniques, including MIG/MAG, WIG and electrode apparatus, plasma cutters, autogenous technology, welding turntables, soldering and propane technology, welding guns, accessories and filler metals.

Excerpt from our delivery programme

  • MIG/MAG welding systems
  • MIG/MAG SpeedPulse systems
  • TIG welding systems
  • Electrode welding systems
  • Plasma cutting systems
  • Welding turntables
  • Autogenous technology
  • Robot welding cells
  • Torches and accessories

Excerpt from our suppliers

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Our services


Blumenbecker offers a wide range of services for its welding technology. Our most important service, though, is probably pre-sales consulting. We work with you to analyse individual requirements and develop the solutions that consider not just your technical needs but your budget as well. Our goal is always to supply the best-possible solution for you.


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With the Blumenbecker Webshop you have access to over 500,000 articles from the fields of occupational safety, factory equipment, power tools, hand tools, welding technology, measurement, industrial technology and garden and construction technology.

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C-parts management

Your system provider for C-parts

Blumenbecker is one of the leading addresses in the field of industrial procurement management. We have been active on the procurement market for a large number of years, are familiar with all aspects of purchasing and procurement - whether for production or the office -, and have the necessary logistics readily available.

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We examine and test your mobile welding tools in the intervals prescribed by DGUV V3 and other regulations. This includes preparing the necessary documentation for you.


We generally keep a stock of the most important wearing parts. We can also provide professional engineering and repair services for more complex challenges by working with our other business divisions. Also, thanks to our many service centres, our technicians are never far away and can keep your welding tools running smoothly.


We provide tailor-made, manufacturer-agnostic maintenance and immediately make any repairs that may be necessary.


High storage capacity and fast delivery

We have a total display space of 11,000 sqm, spread between our eight locations throughout Germany, with a correspondingly high storage capacity. We keep a large number of articles for your daily needs in stock on the premises.

Our logistics centre in Beckum has a high storage capacity for 1.500 pallets, and is equipped with a highly modern packaging line and an automatic reordering system for the whole article range, ensuring that all of our branches enjoy a constant supply of parts. It also means that the stock available in our various branches is always up to date. Moreover, we offer a 24-hour service for 100,000 articles.

Reference project: Delivery of an automatic welding machine

The client required an automated welding machine, including turntable and power source, with a travel range of 3000 mm in both x and y axes.

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Our product range in detail

Welding equipment

We only include products in our range that have consistently proved themselves in practice and of whose high quality we are convinced. Alongside FORMAT, our own-label brand, we also offer products from all major manufacturers such as Lorch and Hypertherm, who are renowned for their innovativeness and quality.

We offer:

  • MIG/MAG welding systems
  • TIG welding systems
  • Electrode welding systems
  • Plasma cutting systems
  • Welding turntables
  • Autogenous technology
  • Soldering and propane technology
  • Torches and accessories
Powermax30AIR Hypertherm Plasmacutter

Filler metals

Whether for DIY enthusiasts or professional users: We offer filler metals to meet the needs of virtually all applications and budgets. Our product range is extremely broad and designed for countless applications, and offers first-class quality in terms of materials and processing. We guarantee functionality in line with the latest state of the technical art, plus long service life and favourable terms.

Some examples from our range of filler metals:

  • Stick electrodes
  • Welding wire
  • Welding rods
  • Filler wire
  • Wire electrodes
  • Submerged-arc wire
  • Submerged-arc flux

Welding accessories

If you need high-quality products that meet all safety and quality requirements, look no further. Our wide portfolio of workwear and protective work equipment covers the needs of welders of all kinds, including:

  • Welding helmets
  • Respiratory, face and eye protection
  • Protective clothing
  • Safety boots
  • Heat and splash protection
  • Suction technology

Welding electrodes

Whether for DIY enthusiasts or professional users: We offer welding electrodes to meet the needs of virtually all applications and budgets. Our product range is extremely broad and designed for countless uses.

Some examples of our welding electrode suppliers:

  • Voestalpine Böhler Welding Deutschland GmbH
  • Voestalpine Maintenance GmbH
  • Capilla
  • Oerlikon

Suppliers of filler metals

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