ABB efficiency motors

ABB efficiency motors

Better performance and less energy consumption

There are multiple ways to save money when you use energy-efficient motors as per IEC 60034-30 efficiency class IE2 or the American NEMA Energy Policy Act. An IE2 energy-saving motor generally pays for itself within just a few months.

In a typical average-sized factory with about 200 motors, replacing an oversize 37 kW motor with a 30 kW motor will save approximately 180,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year and 90 tonnes of CO2.

ABB energy-saving motors

ABB low-voltage motors

There are three parts to ABB’s portfolio of low-voltage motors: standard applications, industrial applications and the processing industry.

  • Motors for standard applications have been developed by ABB for general use in industrial settings. Their high output rating offers more power, they take up less space and weigh less and the initial outlay is low.
  • Motors for industrial purposes are supplied with aluminium, steel and cast iron housings.
  • Motors for the processing industry are equal to the toughest conditions in today’s processing industry.

ABB high-voltage motors

The extensive range of high-voltage asynchronous machines includes fan-cooled cast iron motors, motors with modular, welded housings, and a range of cooling options and modular slip ring motors. Each motor is individually planned to ensure that it meets all the requirements of the respective application.

  • Modular asynchronous machines

Based on a modular platform, ABB’s high-voltage motors are tailored precisely to the customer’s individual requirements and the respective application. The quality of the design and manufacture play a key role in the excellent performance of ABB products. The high efficiency of these motors, in combination with modern ventilation technology, brings significant energy savings over the service life of the motor.

  • Modular slip ring motors

Slip ring motors are used in applications with a high starting torque or low starting current. Offering maximum availability, they are especially useful in applications with high moment of inertia such as rolling mill drives or where the mains power is weak.

Slip ring motors are constructed in a modular fashion and can be supplemented by many different accessories. A wide range of different cooling options and housing types can be supplied, depending on how the motor is to be used.

  • Standard high-voltage motors with cast iron housings

Standard high-voltage motors with cast iron housings are extremely efficient and quiet, even in a partial-load situation, because the stator, rotor and fan are positioned in such a way as to minimise losses. These features make them very popular in the pulp and paper industry, the energy and water sectors and similar application areas, as well as for use in both fixed-speed and AC drive operation.

Standard high-voltage motors are used in many industrial applications, e.g. pumps, fans, compressors, conveying equipment, mixers and group drives.

ABB motors for explosion hazard locations

ABB motors for explosion hazard locations

ABB has been building top-quality electric motors and generators for more than 100 years. Motors for explosion hazard locations are one of its specialities. In cooperation with leading companies in the oil and gas industries and petrochemical and chemicals industries, ABB has developed an extensive range of products with a reputation for safety, reliability and energy efficiency.

The regulations governing these industries, including the latest European and US standards, are complex and constantly being amended. ABB motors not only meet the statutory requirements but in many cases go beyond them.

ABB servo motors and actuators:

  • Brushless servo motors (Series 8C)
  • Brushless servo motors (Series 8N)
  • Actuators (DGV and Minivector)
  • Servo motors with brushes and rare-earth magnets (Series 5) and ferrite (Series 4) 

ABB braking motors

ABB braking motors are designed for standard motors that have been modified to perform braking tasks, i.e. three-phase induction motors with standard dimensions and standard technical specifications. Power is supplied to the electromagnetic disc brake via a rectifier mounted in a terminal box using either direct or alternating current.

  • Large terminal box – easy to install
  • Mechanism for manual release (4 x 90°)
  • Support for technical and operational queries
  • Service and support

Output: 0.055 to 22 kW
Size: IEC 63 to 180
Number of poles: 2 to 8
Voltages: wide voltage range up to 690 V
Frequency: 50 or 60 Hz
Degree of protection: IP55

ABB DC motors

ABB offers an extensive range of DC motors designed for high performance, reliability and quality, for virtually any application.

DMI DC motors

In this segment, ABB offers a complete series of DC motors in a power range from 1 kW to 2000 kW. Building on more than a century of experience in industry, ABB’s DC motors provide high performance and quality. Their efficiency and reliability, not to mention their state-of-the-art construction, guarantee profitable operation.

  • Excellent performance, compact dimensions
  • Excellent performance over a wide range of speeds
  • Quiet operation at low speeds and low inertia
  • Low-maintenance and all the advantages of DC
  • Much more responsive control of speed
  • Wide range of speeds

LAN 710 DC motors
Motors for excellent performance at low speeds. More than 300 of these motors have been delivered to customers all over the world since the 1980s. The rugged design and construction of the motors makes them ideally suited to extremely demanding situations such as strip mills, mining and cement manufacturing.

ABB permanent magnet motors

The series of permanent magnet motors extends the effective rated speed range of the sturdy workhorses of the industrial world down to 100-850 r/min. These motors enable drive systems to be simplified because there is no longer a need to include speed-reducing features or gear systems.


  • Torque range 1000 to 50 000 Nm
  • Rotor magnetisation via permanent magnets
  • Pressure-tight enclosed construction with IP55 protection
  • Air- or liquid-cooled
  • No gearbox / direct drive

Solutions with permanent magnet motors can replace these common drive systems:

  • Conventional combinations of AC motor, AC drive and gear box
  • Conventional low-speed AC motors, typically 10-16 pole or less with AC drive
  • Variable-speed DC drive systems with gear box

ABB soft starters

ABB offers a comprehensive range of soft starting motors for a wide range of applications, covering all motor applications from 3 to 1810 amps and voltages from 208 to 690 volts AC.

Does your operation require a motor that starts smoothly, not with a jerk? If you want to prevent high starting current and torque putting too heavy a load on the electrical and mechanical equipment in your plant, soft starters from ABB are the perfect solution – instead of starting a motor at the full operating current, soft starters gradually increase the voltage and limit the current. The starting torque is reduced and the motor runs quietly and easily.

PSR – The compact series for motor currents from 3 to 45 A
PSS – The flexible series for motor currents from 18 to 300 A
PST – The progressive series for motor currents from 30 to 1810 A

The many advantages of energy-saving motors

  • Easy and safe to assemble
  • Longer bearing service life
  • Longer service life for windings

  • Less rotor loss, iron loss, friction loss, ventilation loss and copper loss
  • More efficient
  • Better performance and reliability