Drive systems

Control technology

Efficient and flexible solutions for production and manufacturing plants

Production plant automation is a complex business involving conveyors, robotic handling systems, process visualisation and control room technology. You can depend on us for customised solutions with maximum system reliability.

We develop and implement technical control solutions for your challenges. We can supply the full range of automation systems on a vendor-independent hardware basis. We can help design and manufacture new plants as well as upgrade and refit existing systems.

Our services include: 

  • Planning of sophisticated automation systems 
  • Project planning in EPLAN P8 / EPLAN Pro Panel
  • Client-specific hardware planning 
  • Preparation of customer documentation using CAD systems 
  • Software development for programmable logic controllers 
  • System integration 
  • Modernisation of outdated automation systems (e.g. replacement of the older centralised Simatic S5 systems with the new Simatic S7 system with decentralised modules) 
  • Installation of operator systems with optimised human-machine interfaces 
  • Selection, programming and configuration of controlled drive systems with inverters 
  • Installation of sophisticated inverter-based positioning functions (SEW, Bosch Rexroth, Lenze, Siemens)

Multi-brand CNC control technology and drive technology
Put our multi-brand control expertise to work for you. We can draw on a broad, deep pool of control solutions that are optimised for different sectors and can program CNCs from leading control manufacturers in accordance with your individual requirements.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to offer our customers advanced portal solutions. We supply and commission handling portals and special manipulators featuring CNC controls or advanced positioning technology.


Our partner companies for drive and control systems

As brand-independent system integrators, our engineers and technicians apply their considerable flexibility, knowledge and skills every single day

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Our services


We start our relationship with an in-depth consultation in which we analyse your requirements and identify areas where we see room for improvement. Next, we design and configure the solutions to meet your requirements while maximising their value to you.

Planning and Construction

We plan and design all products in-house. Thanks to the know-how of our engineers, you can be sure right from the planning phase that your requirements will be implemented the exact in the way you want it.


For your machines we offer the production of all required non-standard components including surface protection according to your specifications.


Decided to modernise or overhaul your drive systems? Count on our help for every project phase – from preliminary consulting to developing the project documentation to programming and execution.

We modernise old automation systems such as old Simatic S5 central systems by replacing them with new systems such as Simatic S7 with distributed modules. Equipment upgrades are in good hands with us, too.


Programming by a specialist

We program all the systems ourselves so we can accurately and precisely fulfil your special requests and preferences. Our software engineers are intimately familiar with all standard programming systems and can also develop custom software with standardised interfaces.

We can program PLCs for all established manufacturers and will manage your plant automation systems over the entire plant lifecycle. We employ standards such as ABB, Allen Bradley, Beckhoff, Phoenix Contact, Siemens, Rockwell and Wonderware as well as all standard bus systems and components such as PROFINET, PROFIBUS, INTERBUS, AS-Interface, Industrial Ethernet, DeviceNet, ControlNet, Ethernet/IP and serial interfaces.

Our programmers are highly motivated and well qualified. As real specialists, we have extensive experience in all application areas of programming in the automation sector. We are always anxious to develop the best and above all practice-oriented solutions for you and have the highest possible degree of quality awareness.


International electrical assembly

Blumenbecker stands for experience and professionalism when it comes to delivering electrical installation projects at international level. We are fully accredited contractors for the assembly and installation of control systems and switchgear, along with all kinds of plant and machinery. Our technicians are trained to undertake planning assignments and technical audits of existing installations through to full commissioning worldwide. We work to the latest industry standards, thereby assuring our clients maximum reliability, efficiency and future-proofness. We have extensive expertise in working with cable conduit and fastening systems of all kinds and can adapt when required to work on all current types of electrical installation.

From planning through to turnkey electrical installation

Guidance and advice
Our specialist staff have a talent for flexibility and a creative approach to problem solving. Commissions for planning and designing electrical cabinets are executed to high levels of expertise. We work closely with clients to develop the best possible solution tailored to individual needs.

Price quotation
Your wishes are central to us. This is why we aim to produce a carefully calculated fixed-price quotation that is tailored to the individual specifications and requirements of any control technology project being planned by customers at home or abroad.

Our comprehensive assembly planning process is based on an efficient installation sequence that includes cable-route plans and fitting schedules. We can also provide support when it comes to conductor dimensioning and the design and layout of individual components.

Project management
Our team of internationally experienced project managers will run your project and guide it through to a successful conclusion with a clear focus on quality, deadlines and budget. We provide regular progress reports as a matter of course and maintain a constant dialogue between you and our technicians. We will assign your own personal project manager to ensure optimum communication at all times.

Material supplies
Our ability to supply and fit items such as sensors, actuators, cable laying systems, cables, conductors etc. from reputable manufacturers gives our customers the flexibility they need.

Electrical installation
Carrying out electrical installation projects for industrial clients requires a high degree of expertise and flexibility. Once you have tried out our services you will know you made the right choice. An extensive team of specialists, craftsmen, technicians and engineers will be on hand to tend to your every need.

Explosion-proof installations
Blumenbecker also has many years of experience in explosion-proof installation projects. We are experts at installing explosion-protected command transmitters, control devices and terminal boxes and can fit complete electrical installations in potentially explosive environments. The provision of on-site advice and the professional and reliable installation of all explosion-proof components are just part of the service.

Our explosion-proof services comprise:

  • installation 
  • product consultation 
  • advice on ATEX directives 
  • testing of electrical installations and equipment.

Testing and commissioning
Functional testing is carried out by technicians who can provide the right specialist knowledge backed up by years of experience. Specially trained staff are on hand to undertake the measurements required for initial and repeat testing as laid down in DGUV V3 as well as to collect measurement data for Profibus, Profinet, Ethernet and ASI–Bus. Our thermography services can identify thermal overload and undesirable heat build-up while the system is running, thereby helping to minimise damage and downtime. We use the latest measurement technology and our equipment is regularly checked and calibrated by independent testing laboratories.

Safety is always at the forefront of everything we do. We were awarded the DEKRA seal of approval for occupational safety in 2012 and have successfully completed the official certification process every year since. Our staff also attend work-safety seminars and workshops on a regular basis.

Ongoing professional development combined with an effective in-house quality assurance process ensures that we can meet the most stringent quality requirements. Client-based experience built-up during project time and then refined as part of a continuous improvement process makes for optimised project execution and creates invaluable input for collaborative projects of the future.

Special services
Clients at home and overseas can commission on-site services such as repeat testing to DGUV V3, site supervision and start-up support. And of course we hold the right labour leasing permit for temporary staff assignments.


Once installed, the systems are commissioned by our specialists and project engineers. They monitor the start-up process, test availability and optimise processes to get the solution quickly integrated into your production process. Our services also include shift supervision by our engineers and the training of operators and maintenance personnel.


We’ll sit down with you and standardise your switchgear and controllers as much as possible to avoid needless costs. For example, we can develop a configuration framework that you can use to build different options for specific control tasks.

You need an individual solution and professional advice?