Christmas donation 2023

Since 2017, the Blumenbecker Group has been foregoing Christmas gifts for customers and partners and instead donating to sustainable projects and people in need.

In the past two years, two reforestation projects have already been implemented in Iserlohn and Möhnesee-Völlinghausen.
This year, we are pleased to realize the sustainability project with the city of Beckum in Stadtbusch.

The Blumenbecker Group is donating to plant and protect 1,250 seedlings on approximately 2,500 sqm. "Beckum is where we have been successful for over 100 years. With this commitment, we want to give something sustainable back to the city. We are aware of the responsibility we bear for the future. With our sustainability project, we want to contribute to making the environment more livable for us and future generations," says Olaf Lingnau, Managing Director of the Holding. Uwe Denkert, Head of the Department of Urban Development of the City of Beckum, is also pleased with the reforestation: "Many thanks to the Blumenbecker Group for their commitment."

v.l.: Richard Mayer (Blumenbecker Managing Director), Harald Golombek (Blumenbecker Managing Director), Uwe Denkert  (Head of the Department of Urban Development of the City of Beckum) und Olaf Lingnau (Blumenbecker Managing Director)