Power tools

Repair service for electrical and
compressed air equipment

Vendor-independent repair service

Come to us for fast, reliable service. We undertake all types of repairs on electrical, compressed air and welding equipment, whatever the make or model.

Our advice is totally impartial. And if repairing the equipment is not going to provide value for money, our large range of new equipment and accessories will have just what you need.

In addition, we are a competent partner for all necessary modifications to stationary devices and systems in order to meet current safety requirements.

This includes:

  • Emergency stop retrofitting
  • Retrofitting of braking devices
  • General safety devices

Enjoy the benefits of partnering with Blumenbecker

  • Manufacturer-independent: All makes in a single workshop
  • Quotes: Upon request, we will inspect your device and prepare a quote
  • 48-hour service: Because we keep many parts that are subject to wear and tear in constant supply, it is usually possible to carry out repairs immediately and return your machinery within 48 hours
  • Warranty claims: We repair goods under guarantee and handle the transaction on behalf of most major manufacturers, e.g. Dolmar, Lorch, Hypertherm and Kärcher
  • Rental service for: Tools, construction equipment, garden tools, cleaning equipment, etc.
  • Quality at a great price: Low prices thanks to highly efficient order processing, e.g. 100% computer-based processing as per current DIN EN ISO 9001 standard
  • Waste equipment disposed of (recycled) free of charge by the manufacturer


Our services


Blumenbecker offers a variety of services related to its wide range of solutions. One of the most important ones is in-depth consulting. We don’t just view you as a customer but actively develop custom recommendations for you.

We work with you to analyse your situation and individual requirements and develop the solutions that consider not just your technical needs but your budget as well. Our goal is always to supply the best-possible solution for you.


We examine and test your mobile electric tools in the intervals prescribed by DGUV V3 and other regulations. This includes preparing the necessary documentation for you.


We provide tailor-made, manufacturer-agnostic maintenance and immediately make any repairs that may be necessary.


We generally keep a stock of the most important wearing parts. We can also provide professional engineering and repair services for more complex challenges by working with our other business divisions. Also, thanks to our many service centres, our technicians are never far away and can keep your electric tools running smoothly.

Maintenance portal

Our maintenance portal is a full-featured documentation system for holding all your reports, manuals or other electric tools documents. With our system, you can store your documentation on certified servers, ensuring total regulatory compliance and reducing your liability while still having the freedom to plan inspections well in advance.

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This system can be used for all the electric tools at your company, regardless of who conducts your inspections. That gives you the kind of complete, detailed maintenance, inspection and repair history that you need for preventive maintenance of all of your electric tools.

We repair all these and more:

  • Drills
  • Mechanical picks
  • Angle grinders
  • Plate shears
  • Impact wrenches
  • Industrial vacuum cleaners
  • Core drilling units
  • Nibblers
  • Surface milling cutters
  • Eccentric grinders
  • Thread grinders
  • Jig saws

  • Orbital sanders
  • High frequency equipment
  • Borehole pumps
  • Submersible pumps
  • High-pressure cleaners
  • Compressors
  • Welding gear
  • Hose packages
  • Lawnmowers
  • Heaters
  • Welding equipment
  • Power saws