Reference projects from Blumenbecker

Our References We have compiled a few selected customer projects with detailed information for you.

Supply of robotic welders for fuel lines - tets

Planning and production of a switchgear system for a wood extraction system - tets

Thermal process air plant - tets

New measurement track for the ICE engineering workshops in Munich - tets

Complete service for welding equipment and consumables - tets

Electronical procurement of c-parts - tets

UL-certified switchgears for hydraulic drop-forging press - tets

Engineering, switchgear production and electrical fittings for ventilation and extraction systems - tets

Automated welding system for the manufacturing of semi-trailers - tets

Bin Picking technology in electromagnetic brake manufacturing - tets

Delivery of four new crane units - tets

Fast turnaround: 28 motors in 14 days - tets

Development of a robotic solution for flacon handling - tets

Delivery of 17 roller shutter systems - tets

The delivery of an automatic welding machine - tets

E-procurement for numerous suppliers from a uniform user-interface - tets

Implementation of integrated control system of sawmill line - tets

Development and implementation of automation and energy distribution systems for particle board laminating line - tets

Repair of a slipring motor - tets

End-carriage replacement on a semi-automated crane - tets

Full refit of a grain loader - tets

Construction and installation of a double-girder bridge crane - tets

Provision of industrial supplies and associated services for plant and machinery manufacturing - tets

Modernisation of an overburden conveyor installation - tets

Automation of cockpit fitting equipment - tets

Specify, supply and commission a combination cutting machine - tets

Retrofit at a flour and bran loading plant - tets

Development of a robot welding system - tets

Production, delivery and installation of 110 lockers - tets

Testing services: Testing switchgear and drives - tets

Automation of a quality testing machine - tets

Servicing of explosion-proof drives - tets

Supply and fitting of three high-speed doors - tets