Christmas donation 2023

Donations instead of gifts €10,000 for the Children's Hospice Bärenherz Leipzig

Since 2017, the Blumenbecker Group has been foregoing Christmas gifts for customers and partners and instead donating to sustainable projects and people in need. The Children's Hospice Bärenherz Leipzig provides care for seriously ill children and their families from the time of diagnosis until the final farewell. This professional support in a peaceful atmosphere means a piece of quality of life - every day anew.

With our Christmas donations in 2018 and 2020, we already donated to the Children's Hospice Bärenherz.

"This year, we would like to support the work of the Children's Hospice again and donate €10,000. The loving work for the children impresses us," explains Harald Golombek, Managing Director Holding.

The donation was handed over by Ralf Herzog.

In addition, this year the Blumenbecker Group is once again donating to a reforestation project. This will be realized together with the city of Beckum in the Stadtbusch.


Picture: Ralf Herzog (Managing Director Blumenbecker Technik GmbH) und Ulrike Herkner (Managing Director Children's Hospice Bärenherz Leipzig)