Robot cell for new customer PORFIX - pórobetón, a.s. Automation in manufacturing increases production efficiency and reduces waste

Blumenbecker Slovakia s.r.o. worked closely with new customer PORFIX - pórobetón, a.s. to develop a robot cell for bonding U-profiles. PORFIX - pórobetón, a.s. is Slovakia's leading manufacturer of facing and partition blocks, lintels and U-profiles made of aerated concrete. 

The new production method differs fundamentally from the previous variant. Previously, the U-profile was milled from a block of aerated concrete. This resulted in a lot of waste and broken edges. In addition, the work process was a dusty affair. Now, the U-profile is no longer made from one piece, but from three.

Two Kuka robots in the cell handle the parts, while a special compressed air technology ensures clean processing. The selection of the optimum adhesive and tests with the customer were decisive steps in the implementation. 

PORFIX praises the increase in efficiency and plans to use the automated line in other areas of production as well. The collaboration marks a successful start to the customer relationship.