Full service for hand hoisting equipment, hoisting winches and puller hoists

Lifting equipment

Comprehensive product range

From the cable reel to the complete crane: We offer you a comprehensive range of products for all aspects of lifting technology, regardless of manufacturer, or procure your requirements at short notice. On request, you can obtain all services from a single source: consulting, project planning, installation and commissioning. We also offer a comprehensive service covering everything to do with lifting technology, from testing and repair service for slings and load handling attachments to UVV testing of cranes.

Lifting equipment in detail

Lifting equipment

  • Chain hoists
  • Block and tackle
  • Lever hoists
  • Ancillary equipment (for example, load measuring devices)
  • Girder clamps


  • Travel drives
  • Wheel-block units
  • Bogie girders
  • Adaptors

Lifting accessories

  • Lifting chains
  • Lifting ropes
  • Wire rope slings
  • Round slings
  • Load securers
  • Lifting straps
  • Accessories (hooks, shackles, tension locks)

Load-carrying attachments

  • Grabs with two or more shells
  • Grabs with multiple ropes
  • Girder magnets
  • Round magnets
  • Rectangular magnets
  • Battery magnets
  • Load-lifting magnets

Remote controllers

  • Remote controls with buttons
  • Remote controls with buttons and emergency stop
  • Remote controls with joysticks and emergency stop

Spares and accessories

  • Control switches
  • Clamp buffers
  • Cable drums
  • Lift force limiters
  • Measuring and reading equipment

Our services


Blumenbecker offers a wide range of services for its lifting technology. Our most important service, though, is probably pre-sales consulting. We work with you to analyse individual requirements and develop the solutions that consider not just your technical needs but your budget as well. Our goal is always to supply the best-possible solution for you.


High storage capacity and fast delivery

We have a total display space of 11,000 sqm, spread between our eight locations throughout Germany, with a correspondingly high storage capacity. We keep a large number of articles for your daily needs in stock on the premises.

Our logistics centre in Beckum has a high storage capacity for 1.500 pallets, and is equipped with a highly modern packaging line and an automatic reordering system for the whole article range, ensuring that all of our branches enjoy a constant supply of parts. It also means that the stock available in our various branches is always up to date. Moreover, we offer a 24-hour service for 100,000 articles.


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With the Blumenbecker Webshop you have access to over 500,000 articles from the fields of occupational safety, factory equipment, power tools, hand tools, welding technology, measurement, industrial technology and garden and construction technology.

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We examine and test your mobile lifting technology in the intervals prescribed by DGUV Vorschrift 54 and DGUV 100-500 and other regulations. This includes preparing the necessary documentation for you.


We provide tailor-made, manufacturer-independent maintenance and immediately make any repairs that may be necessary.


We generally keep a stock of the most important wearing parts for the machinery we sell and can ship them out within 24 hours. We can also provide professional engineering and repair services for more complex challenges by working with our other business divisions. Also, thanks to our many service centres, our technicians are never far away and can keep your lifting technology running smoothly.


We protect the value of your investments by modernising your lifting technology.

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