Industrial-Service for MIBRAG Blumenbecker service technicians ensure smooth operation in MIBRAG opencast mines

At MIBRAG's opencast mine, stacker 1119, with a length of over 200 meters, a height of 50 meters and a weight of 2,500 tons, is fulfilling its mission. The service technician has to get up high to check the crane systems on the stracker.

Since 2018, Blumenbecker service technicians have been responsible for the inspection, maintenance and repair of over 5,400 objects - including crane and gate systems, small hoists, load handling equipment and more - at various MIBRAG opencast mines for inspection, maintenance and repair. In the past, there were excel lists in which the systems were listed. Today, the inspection logs and all the important information can be found in Blumenbecker's maintenance customer portal. " Now I have the history of every object digitally available everywhere - a real relief, " says Denny Mai, machine technology foreman at MIBRAG GmbH.

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