100 years of Blumenbecker The Blumenbecker Group celebrates its anniversary

From an armature winding firm to an international group of companies Clear goal orientation for success

In 100 years, Blumenbecker has developed from a small craftsman's business into an internationally active group of companies with around 20 highly specialised companies operating in various fields of expertise. Theodor Blumenbecker founded an armature winding shop in Beckum in 1922 to repair electric motors and machines and install lighting and power systems. In 1954, his daughter Marianne Blumenbecker opened an electrical wholesale business in Ahlen. 10 years later, an engineering office and a manufacturing business for the construction of switchgears were added. Son Bernhard Blumenbecker joined his parents' business in 1958. In 1966, at the parents' desire, the Dipl. Kfm. M. Blumenbecker KG, Ahlen merged with the Th. Blumenbecker KG in Beckum to establish the Blumenbecker KG, Beckum. In 1982, after a company split, Blumenbecker KG was established as the owning company and B+M Blumenbecker GmbH as the operating company. Today, B+M Blumenbecker GmbH is the holding company responsible for the administrative tasks of the national and international operating subsidiaries.

What particularly distinguishes Blumenbecker in its 100 years of history?

Its diversification makes us unique in the market.

Milestones of the history

Take a journey through the company's history in a few weeks. From the foundation of the company through expansion and internationalisation to the year 2022. Be excited.

» The company is like a member of the family. «

Astrid Blumenbecker,
Majority shareholder