Talent Company in Beckum Sponsorship project for the company's 100th anniversary

The idea

Even the company's founder Theodor Blumenbecker was passionate about supporting children and young people. To mark the 100th anniversary of the Blumenbecker Group and to continue this tradition, we decided at the beginning of 2022 to support a Talent Company in cooperation with the Strahlemann Foundation. The suggestion for this project came from our own staff, as there is already a Talent Company in Soest, where the Blumenbecker Group also has a location. After a few contacts with the Strahlemann Foundation and an on-site visit to Soest, it was decided that such a specialist career guidance room should also be set up in Beckum - sponsored by the Blumenbecker Group.

The origins

The starting signal for the Talent Company project was given in January 2022 with the signing of the cooperation agreement with the Strahlemann Foundation. The secondary school in Beckum was chosen as the location. The city of Beckum supports the project as a school authority and was particularly pleased about the Blumenbecker Group's commitment, because according to Mayor Michael Gerdhenrich, this is a "classic win-win situation" that offers added value to both the students and the companies. Furthermore, Hans Hund, President of the Münster Chamber of Skilled Crafts, took on the patronage of the project.

Blumenbecker was responsible for the equipment and furnishings at the new Talent Company which would become one of eight locations in NRW. The furniture was procured through our partners in the factory equipment sector and our IT department took care of the IT technology. To ensure that the room can be operated in the future, Blumenbecker is assuming the costs of actively filling it with life. This includes the care of the room by the Strahlemann Foundation for the next three years. The job wall, where companies from the region present themselves, is also part of the project. Workshops and information events concerning the topic of career futures will take place here.

The opening

Only eight months after signing the cooperation agreement, the Talent Company in Beckum opened its doors on 31 August. Around 50 interested people, supporters and pupils accepted the invitation that evening. "Let's work together to make the Talent Company in Beckum a successful story," Astrid Blumenbecker urged everyone involved in her speech.

Astrid Blumenbecker reported on the high value placed on training at the Blumenbecker company. She still remembers a conversation with her father very well. "Can you imagine, we now have a total of over 50 apprentices," Bernhard Blumenbecker had proudly told her when she was still a child.

"We at Blumenbecker want to help shape the future and give young people a chance," said the majority shareholder. "We want to give something sustainable back to the city of Beckum. There, where we have been successful for over 100 years."

Patron Hans Hund, President of the Münster Chamber of Crafts, emphasised in his speech that every generation has its challenges. And the current one has many in particular: Pandemic, energy crisis, material shortages: "Nothing must block our view of what tomorrow holds." He paid special attention to the craft, "which today more than ever needs space and appreciation".

What is a Talent Company?

The Strahlemann Foundation from Heppenheim is a non-profit foundation whose educational projects are sponsored by companies or other supporters. One of these educational projects is called Talent Company. Here, the foundation sets up specialist rooms for career orientation at schools. The Talent Company helps young people find the right job and brings them together with companies. Cooperating companies can permanently present their training opportunities on the Job Wall. "In addition, there are workshops and information events with regional training companies to give targeted, practical insights into the world of work "at first hand"," reports Andreas Hofer, project manager Talent Company of the Strahlemann Foundation.

More space for pupils and their development

The specialist room in the secondary school has a 75 inch screen on the wall. There is a video conferencing system for online meetings on the spacious meeting table. A modern lounge corner invites you to linger. There are also four PCs where pupils can get information and work. Local companies present themselves on the Job Wall.

Counteracting the shortage of skilled workers

Hans Hund, President of the Chamber of Crafts Münster, is the patron of the project. He is enthusiastic about the advantages of the new specialist room: "In general, but especially for future topics such as climate protection through the energy transition and digitalisation, more skilled workers are needed in the skilled crafts sector. The pandemic has made it more difficult for companies to contact young people to recruit new talent. In the Talent Company, pupils are introduced to the possibilities of vocational training in a varied and practical way – directly on site, at school."

Training at Blumenbecker has tradition and a future

The Blumenbecker family trained young employees as early as the 1950s. Marianne Blumenbecker was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit for her commitment on 1 March 1987. Today, the Blumenbecker Group trains people in nine different professions in Germany. There are also four dual courses of study. Many of the former trainees stay with the company, continue their education and make a career in their "former" training company.

» The education of young people was always particularly important to my father, so we have found here a great opportunity to continue this tradition of our company. «

Astrid Blumenbecker