Blumenbecker invests in photovoltaic system at headquarters in Beckum

With our decision to install a photovoltaic system, we are not only investing in renewable energies, but also setting an example for a sustainable future. We are also pleased that we can actively contribute to reducing our ecological footprint with this measure," explains Richard Mayer, Managing Director of the Blumenbecker Group. At the end of last year, the holding company management approved the purchase of a photovoltaic system.  

The location chosen for the system was the roof of the hall where the automation technology switchgear production facility has been located since the building was constructed in 2014.  

The system's 234 panels were installed in spring. "The system was put into operation in August," explains Dieter Mroczkowski, Head of Infrastructure at B+M Blumenbecker GmbH. The system has a peak output of 100 KW and has already produced around 20,000 kWh between August and the end of October.