Smart Dollies with innovative GSE tracking system and status detection

Container Dolly D 10.111-C-L

Optimized for the transport

The Container Dolly D 10.111-C-L is easy to transport, to repair, intelligent and adaptable. By simply removing the side parts, the dolly fits easily into a standard 40" container. So you can send your dollies cost-effectively - to other airports, for example, to serve tips better. Damaged dollies on the sides can also be repaired quickly and easily by replacing the side part.

Technical data

Total length (drawbar at top)4300 mm
Total length (drawbar below)5420 mm
Width2660 mm
Width of basic elements2010 mm
Track width2010 mm
Wheelbase2125 mm
Width of side320 mm
Height loading area520 mm
Turning circle12800 mm
max. driving speed30 km/h
TARE1400 kg
max. payload7000 kg
PayloadLD1, 2x LD2, 2x LD3, 2x LD4, LD6, LD7, LD8, LD9, LD11, BU, AXY, AMJ, Palette 96"x108"

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