Smart Dollies with innovative GSE tracking system and status detection

Container Dolly D 10.001-T-DQ-LS

Reliable and safe

The Container Dolly D 10.001-T-DQ-LS (CPA 7.0) is designed for the transport of pallets and containers of different formats. The Dolly container is hot-dip galvanized. The frame is provided with red/white warning markings at the corners. The drawbar is marked yellow/black.

The dolly can be safely picked up from the side with a forklift truck by means of holders on the underside. The loading area of the dolly is designed as a roller bed that extends over the entire loading area. The different distribution of rollers results in an improved supporting surface for the containers and pallets.

Technical data

Total length (drawbar at top)approx. 3840 mm
Total length (drawbar below)approx. 5150 mm
Total widthapprox. 3535 mm
Heightapprox. 620 mm
Height (top edge of carrying rollers)approx. 520 mm/ +/- 5 mm
Loading area (between stops)
approx. 2490 mm
Widthapprox. 2490 mm
Wheelbaseapprox. 1580 mm
Ground clearanceapprox. 160 mm
Turning circle diameter (outside)approx. 9000 mm
max. driving speedapprox. 30 km/h
Payloadapprox. 7000 kg
TAREapprox. 1265 kg

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