Process optimization software

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Make more out of your process data

Do you need support in implementing industry 4.0?

We have developed digital solutions with which you can optimize your production processes. First and foremost we have optimized our own processes along the value chain by digitising our process data and making it available at every point in the value chain. From this, we have developed several building blocks that you can also use for your production. -
digital plant documentation

With our app you have access to the plant documentation at any time and you can reduce the relevant information search for troubleshooting by up to 90 % depending on the initial situation.

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Easy Partlist Separation (EPS)

  • What? - Digitally supported assembly construction
  • How? - Article is scanned, employee receives visual information for the next steps until the assembly is complete
  • Where? - Applicable in every company with logistical processes and the switchgear industry

Easy Intelligent Process (EIP)

  • What? - Our EIP software controls the core processes within production
  • How? - True digitally linked data relevant to the process is made available to production at all times and at all locations
  • Where? - Applicable in every production plant

Process optimization in switchgear production