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Digital efficiency and cost transparency Your purchasing process redefined

With our innovative e-procurement solution, we create a digital infrastructure for your procurement process. By using an e-procurement system, order processing is decentralized from the workstations of the employees for C-parts. This approach significantly reduces the administrative workload, as the requester is also the purchaser. Incorrect orders, transposed payments and erroneous orders are therefore a thing of the past and ordering times are drastically reduced. The purchasing department still retains an overview, as processes such as budgeting and release scenarios can be stored.

The electronic illustration of the entire ordering process not only enables efficient monitoring of payment transactions, but also helps to identify and control irregularities at an early stage. E-procurement significantly reduces the burden on the entire purchasing process and speeds up the entire procurement process. This modernization not only increases productivity, but also optimizes your financial management.

Decide for e-procurement and benefit from a more agile, error-minimized procurement process that leads to significant cost savings.

Our offer We provide you with comprehensive support in setting up your individual e-procurement system

Requirements analysis

  • Implementation of a comprehensive analysis of the client's existing procurement processes
  • Determining the exact requirements and objectives for the e-procurement system

Individual adaptations

  • Development of customized solutions to ensure that the e-procurement system is optimally tailored to the needs of your company
  • Integration with existing company applications such as ERP systems via OCI or cXML interface
  • For example, linking to SAP, with transfer of the order or budget limits

Usability and training

  • arrangement of a user-friendly interface that promotes acceptance and use by employees
  • Training employees to ensure that they can use the system effectively
  • Support change management to ensure acceptance and a successful transition

Compliance and safety

  • Integration of compliance functions to make sure that procurement processes comply with legal requirements
  • Implementation of safety measures to protect sensitive data

Integration of supplier

  • Integration of suppliers into the system to enable a smooth exchange of information and efficient collaboration
  • Implementation of interfaces for data exchange with suppliers

Monitoring and analysis

  • Implementation of tools to monitor and analyze procurement performance
  • Provide reporting capabilities to gain insight into spend, supplier performance and other relevant metrics

Data transfer

  • optionally via Edifact, e-mail, FTP/SFTP or web services

Scalability and a focus on the future

  • Ensure that the e-procurement system is scalable to support future business growth
  • Advice on new technologies and developments in the field of e-procurement

Customer support and maintenance

  • Supply customer support for questions and solutions
  • Regular maintenance, updates and optimization of the system

Your individual e-procurement-solution

We can offer you our “eproc.III” e-shop system with various levels of capability in line with your needs and wishes:

  • Our online store ShopCloud360 scores with a wide variety of products, a user-friendly interface, mobile optimization and more.
  • Upgrade Level 1 allows the creation of customised prices and catalogues. Various catalogue views are available; OCI access to external shop systems is possible.
  • Upgrade Level 2 also includes budget / cost centre administration and statistical analysis functions. It allows the lodging of function rights and the generation of lists of favourites.

We can integrate each of these e-procurement solutions individually into your operational processes. In doing so, we work together with you in analysing your purchasing processes and classifying your needs, and then present our proposal for the optimum solution.

Information about the e-procurement system eproc.lll

  • Internet-based "on-demand solution" - does not tie up any EDP capacity
  • Powered by Onventis - leading provider of e-procurement and SRM software
  • Connection to existing ERP system possible (licensed SAP partner)
  • Available as an app for mobile devices
  • Practical experience flows into ongoing further development
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Blumenbecker offers you a wide range of e-procurement services. One of the most important of these is a comprehensive consultation prior to the purchase. 

We analyse your individual requirements together with you and develop suitable solutions that take into account not only the technical side, but also your budget situation. Our goal is to offer you the best possible solution at all times.


We train the employees of our customers who have decided to use e-procurement in the corresponding software systems.