EIP.mobile App for the digital plant documentation

With EIP.mobile access to the plant documentation at any time

Faults and downtimes of machines and plants mean turnover loss for the operator. In the event of a fault, the maintenance staff in particular is under pressure and must quickly find a solution for the problem. It is helpful here to be able to have access to the complete plant documentation. However, searching in the circuit diagram, the parts list or the correct manual is very time-consuming, as the documents are usually stored on paper in different folders. Before the real problem solution can be started, maintenance personnel must search in the paper folders to find the right documents.

This is now history! With EIP.mobile, Blumenbecker has developed an app that gives access to the plant documentation at any time and any place. Using the device designation, plant components of a system can be unequivocally retrieved and easily viewed in a digital format. From there, the user can access the entire assembly group, its components and the associated handbooks. In addition, the circuit diagram, assembly diagram or layout plan is displayed directly in EIP.mobile.

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Technical features

  • Access to parts lists, construction plans, circuit diagrams, layout plans, handbooks
  • Fast search function via device designations or QR code
  • Direct contact possibility to deposited contact persons
  • Order of necessary spare parts
Time saving with EIP.mobile in case of a fault


  • Reduction of the relevant information search for troubleshooting by up to 90 % depending on the initial situation
  • All information of the plant directly available
  • No infrastructure necessary thanks to offline availability
  • Native data basis - even old systems can be integrated
  • Detailed plant information is transferred to emails
  • Direct assignment of spare parts to the plant
  • Data security through dynamic encryption

EIP.mobile offers users various added values

For assembly

The mobile construction site office.

  • Find devices directly in the assembly plan 

  • No search in the circuit diagram 

  • One version status for all involved parties 

For commissioning

Documentation in paper form becomes history.

  • Access to the digitized handbooks at any time

  • No manual data collection

  • Get a better and faster overview of the plant

For maintenance

Finding instead of searching.

  • Switch from a assembly group directly to the circuit diagram

  • All handbooks in the correct versions immediately available

  • Identify spare parts without errors and order immediately

For the management

Digitalisation for you and your customers.

  • Reduced downtimes thanks to finding instead of searching
  • Higher motivation of maintenance staff by using digital technology
  • Simple overview of the entire plant
  • Can be integrated into existing and new installations
  • Manufacturer-independent usable - one tool for all
  • Increase of customer satisfaction - added value in the supply chain

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