Christmas donation 2021 - Management of Blumenbecker Group on site

8000 Douglas firs for new forest land in Iserlohn Blumenbecker donates 10,000 euros to sustainability project

For the fifth time, the motto for Christmas is: Donations instead of presents at the Blumenbecker Group. Instead of Christmas presents for business partners, the money is donated.

Since 2017, we have supported various humanitarian projects every year with our Christmas donation. This year, we decided to let the entire donation amount flow into a sustainable project; for the environment - for all of us.

We donated 10,000 euros for new forest land in Iserlohn. In October, 8,000 Douglas firs were planted from the money. With this sustainability project, we want to contribute to making the (environment) more liveable and fulfil our responsibility to the environment and future generations. "With the city of Iserlohn, we have found a partner to put sustainable thinking into practice. Step by step into a future worth living", affirms Olaf Lingnau, idea generator of this campaign and managing director of the Blumenbecker Group.

Around six kilometres from the Iserlohn location of the Blumenbecker Group, in the middle of the Iserlohn city forest, the new coniferous forest will be created. On 18 October, the tree nursery Küch from Halver started planting 8,000 Douglas firs. Douglas firs are evergreen trees belonging to the pine family. And it is a fast-growing tree species. Ideally, 40 cm can be added annually, so that in about five years a stately coniferous forest will already embellish the mountainous landscape.

By the way, a Douglas fir can grow up to 60 metres high in Europe. Julia Borghoff, city forester for the city of Iserlohn, is pleased with the donation and the opportunity to reforest the forest: "With the donation, we were able to replant a large area that is important for the Iserlohn forest and the people here."