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SOLUTIONS 2019 The company magazine of the Blumenbecker Group

Welcome to the second edition

Change is something that affects every one of us. Our company is currently going through a fundamental transformation that will take us into a digital, interconnected world. A place where new technologies will operate and where a different approach and a new way of thinking will be needed.

For Blumenbecker as an industrial services provider, seizing the opportunities presented by digitisation means entering uncharted territory. Our goal here is to develop perfectly tailored solutions that will give our customers the deciding edge in a competitive environment.

We want to invite you to do some thinking outside the box and to be inspired by the digital ideas, developments and experiences presented in this issue.

Read about how Industrial Service 4.0 is changing the face of industrial maintenance, what NRW Economic Affairs Minister Andreas Pinkwart thinks of the digitisation projects currently under way at the Blumenbecker Group, how customised bin picking solutions are helping out at brake specialists Intorq and why Prague is definitely worth a visit - and not just because Blumenbecker has an operations base there.

We wish you all an enjoyable read and hope that it will generate some creative thinking.

Astrid Blumenbecker
Majority Shareholder

In this issue you read:

Industrial Service 4.0 - modern maintenance

With Industrial Service 4.0, Blumenbecker can now offer a digital maintenance service that covers all process levels.

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30 kilometres per hour

In this project Blumenbecker’s remit comprised drawing up the wiring scheme, constructing the control cabinets and installing the electrics for the system on site.

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Taking a firm grip

For the company Intorq, Blumenbecker realized a bin picking application on the electromagnetic brake line. Therefore we designed a special 3-way gripper that can pick up three parts at once and thereby eliminate empty runs.

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Pit stop with jumping jacks

The new 200 metre-long measurement track at the ICE workshops in Munich is fitted with a series of special props developed by Blumenbecker Technik GmbH.

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Blumenbecker in Czech Republic

Five locations and more than 130 employees. The company Blumenbecker Prag  is well known for industrial automation at the highest level.

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