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Intralogistics In intralogistics, which deals with internal material and information flow control, there are a variety of technical options that are used:

Dispensing systems

Dispensing systems in logistics offer various benefits that can improve the efficiency and accuracy of processes. These include increased efficiency, reduction of errors, inventory management, 24/7 access, real-time tracking and cost savings.

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Transportable Magazine

Conty is the logistical, economic system solution for optimised procurement and storage of C-parts at construction, industrial and manufacturing sites. A container is linked with your company's own system for supplying materials, right where they are needed. The range of goods is constantly updated according to your needs. Our efficient support guarantees that products are ready and available for you at all times.

Stock Management Software

Stock management software is a specialized software that is used to organize and optimize warehouse operations in companies. It offers functions for monitoring, controlling and managing all warehouse activities. These include inventory management, inventory monitoring, storage location optimization, traceability, barcode and RFID integration, reporting and analysis.


QuWiki is an RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) board:
RFID tags are attached to products or containers and enable automatic identification and tracking throughout the logistics process. The card system is designed to automate reordering and thus relieve the ordering process. Orders can be structured and scheduled using a weekly listing on a board. This system can be used for virtually all areas of application.

Barcode-Scanner or App

By scanning barcodes, products and stocks can be quickly recorded and identified, resulting in efficient warehouse management.


KanBan in supply chain management is an inventory control method that regulates the need for replenishment. If the stock level falls below a predefined threshold, the supplier replenishes the required goods. This enables efficient just-in-time delivery, minimizes storage costs and promotes continuity in the flow of goods.

Load cells and sensor units

Precise inventory management by accurately measuring the weight of goods (including liquids/barrels, for example) and automatically generating a BANF.