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Electronical procurement of c-parts E-procurement solution for Weimar-Werk GmbH

Weimar-Werk GmbH, a steel and mechanical engineering company based in Thuringia, was looking for ways to improve its C-parts procurement in mid of 2018. The aim was to streamline commercial processes, shorten ordering times and minimize errors in the ordering process.

During the internet research, Thomas Stegmann, project manager at Weimar-Werk GmbH, became aware of Blumenbecker. After initial contact in August 2018 with Matthias Starkmann, Key Account Industrial Customers at Blumenbecker Industriebedarf GmbH, the work began. Together with the client, he analyzed the purchasing processes and classified the requirements. At the end, they found the appropriate e-procurement solution for Weimar-Werk GmbH.

Eproc.III offers the possibility of structuring the entire procurement area in a modern way, evaluating it very well and also providing a good cost analysis in the project business. This is an Internet-based "on-demand solution" that does not tie up any IT capacities. "The decisive factor in the decision for Blumenbecker and against other suppliers was the possibility of connecting to our existing ERP system. The ability to map cost centers and paperless invoices are further advantages", reports Thomas Stegmann.

Today, more than a year later, twelve employees at Weimar-Werk GmbH are already working with eproc.III. Each employee can online access to around 40,000 items - imported specially for the customer - and is able to order directly. The complete C-parts supply of the company is handled via eproc.III. A personal contact person in Blumenbecker's back office guarantees support and smooth operations.