Blumenbecker in Czech Republic

Industrial automation
at the highest level

Whether it's installing efficient robotic workstations, the automation of entire robot welding lines or placement by bin picking for production machines, Blumenbecker Prag is always in demand when it comes to complex industrial automation assignments. The company has acquired extensive expertise in the robotics industry since it was first established in 1995.

Robotic solutions for a wide range of sectors 

A total of over 130 staff at some five production sites in the Czech Republic plan and execute international projects for a whole spectrum of industries. These range from metal-working companies and the paper industry right through to the energy sector. Close collaboration with car manufacturers Skoda and various automotive suppliers has made Blumenbecker Prag the acknowledged automotive specialist of the Blumenbecker Group.

staff in 2018
million € turnover

Experts in machine vision technology

Special priority has been given to the implementation of machine vision systems. This involves giving robots eyes so that they can carry out measurements and identify, sort and pick up particular items. Sensors and camera systems are creating quasi intelligent machines that can undertake fairly complex tasks. Blumenbecker Prag has developed its own software that can provide optimised support for recognising shape, colour, position and even temperature, the resulting data streams then being processed in realtime into handling instructions for the robots.

Complete solutions for
bin picking routines

As well as producing its own software the company also develops and manufactures the sensors and robot grippers in-house. This ensures perfect interaction between the camera and the robots. Blumenbecker Prag's expertise in this area means that it can now offer its customers complete solutions on a one-stop basis.

Successful projects

In order to supply the German market, the Czech company has teamed up with German-based Blumenbecker Industrie-Robotik, the latter being responsible for marketing and project management. Together these two companies have implemented complex bin picking solutions for clients such as Benteler Automobiltechnik and brake specialist Intorq.

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