Financing opportunities

Finance options

How we finance your success

Whether you are purchasing a single machine tool, a large quantity of industrial supplies or a service from us, Blumenbecker FINANCE offers you an easy way to finance any investment upwards of EUR 2,000.

The advantages of financing capital goods:

  • No agreement needed with your bank
  • Services can also be financed
  • Repayments for machinery are normally covered by earnings generated by that machine
  • We provide a consultant with the relevant technical knowledge
  • When the lease comes to an end, you can switch to a new model of the product

Blumenbecker FINANCE

Blumenbecker FINANCE offers financing tailored to your requirements, with affordable payments. The most common arrangement is finance for three to five years, with monthly repayments. This allows you to take advantage of our services and expertise without huge up-front expense. We look forward to guiding you through the process.