Power tools

Reliability down to the last detail

Count on us for all types of high-quality power tools. You’ll find tools that offer quality and reliability in every detail, even in harsh conditions. We partner with major manufacturers.

Our product range, stocked with products from Bosch, Metabo, Milwaukee and Makita, isn’t limited to power tools, either. We supply spare parts for these products, too. For details, visit one of our outlets or our online shop.

The corded and cordless power tools we stock include:

  • Angle grinders
  • Angle polishers/buffers
  • Jigsaws
  • Nutrunners
  • Metal chop saws
  • Drills
  • Straight grinders
  • drills/screwdrivers
  • impact drills
  • Compressors
  • Sump pumps
  • universal garden shears

Product areas

Cleaning systems

Kärcher pressure washers – a good choice

As an industrial supplies wholesaler, we stock a broad selection of Kärcher products, including pressure washers, sweepers, wet/dry vacuums, spare parts and much more.

We carry pressure washers ranging from the compact class to the special class. From regular to infrequent use, at Blumenbecker you’re guaranteed to find a pressure washer perfectly suited to you and your needs.

  • Make light work with the Kärcher compact class
    It’s much easier to quickly and thoroughly clean surfaces, cars or workshops with a compact-class pressure washer, which can be used in a wide variety of settings.
  • Ready for anything with a Kärcher mid-class
    Handle tough jobs in a flash with a mid-class pressure washer. Pressure washers in this performance class offer precise dosing, outstanding mobility and immediate replacement of cleaning agent bottles.
  • For tough long-term use – when only the Kärcher super class will do
    A super-class pressure washer handles heavy daily use effortlessly – in construction, agriculture, forestry, industry or manual trades.
  • We recommend the Kärcher special class for special applications
    Special-class pressure washers can strip stubborn dirt off of particularly challenging surfaces such as building façades. They are also extraordinarily rugged, making them the ideal choice for the construction industry.

Pneumatic tools

Save energy with state-of-the-art air tools

We are a pneumatic tool specialist and can supply energy-efficient solutions for your needs. Our highly trained and knowledgeable experts will be happy to help you select the right products for you.

The pneumatic tools that we stock include:

  • Pneumatic riveters
  • Pneumatic drills
  • Pneumatic drills/screwdrivers
  • Pneumatic random orbital sanders
  • Pneumatic paint sprayers
  • Pneumatic straight grinders
  • Pneumatic impact drivers
  • Pneumatic carton staplers
  • Pneumatic chisel hammers
  • Pneumatic needle scalers
  • Pneumatic nail guns
  • Pneumatic ratchet screwdrivers
  • Pneumatic tire chucks
  • Pneumatic impact drills
  • Pneumatic angle grinders
  • Pneumatic angle grinders from Metabo
  • Compressors


Water and sewage pumps

We supply, repair and service your water and sewage pumps.

Our product range includes:

  • Sump pumps
  • Domestic waterworks
  • Deep well pumps

Measurement instruments

Full range of products and services for measurement instruments

There are a lot of jobs where you need more than just the right machines; you need precise instrumentation, too. Blumenbecker provides the full sweep of measurement instruments, analogue and digital, along with a suite of services ranging from consulting to regular instrument recalibration.

Before you make a purchase, our experts can steer you toward the best products for your application, if you wish. We partner with various big-name instrument manufacturers, including Mitutoyo and Helios Preisser, and supplement our product range with items from our house brand, Format. So whatever you need, we can put together a customised solution for you.

Our product range includes:

  • Cross-line laser levels
  • Tile laser levels
  • Rotary laser levels
  • Levels
  • Inclinometers
  • Spirit levels (laser)
  • Protractor (electronic)
  • Rangefinders (laser)
  • Thermometers
  • Thermal imaging cameras
  • Voltage testers
  • Drill guides
  • Stud finders
  • Wall scanners
  • Moisture meters
  • Inspection cameras
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Our services


Blumenbecker offers a wide range of services for power tools. Our most important service, though, is probably pre-sales consulting. We work with you to analyse individual requirements and develop the solutions that consider not just your technical needs but your budget as well. Our goal is always to supply the best-possible solution for you.


High storage capacity and fast delivery

We have a total display space of 11,000 sqm, spread between our eight locations throughout Germany, with a correspondingly high storage capacity. We keep a large number of articles for your daily needs in stock on the premises.

Our logistics centre in Beckum has a high storage capacity for 1.500 pallets, and is equipped with a highly modern packaging line and an automatic reordering system for the whole article range, ensuring that all of our branches enjoy a constant supply of parts. It also means that the stock available in our various branches is always up to date. Moreover, we offer a 24-hour service for 100,000 articles.

Labelling service

We can label your power tools with your company logo and other identifiers that you request.


We examine and test your mobile power tools in the intervals prescribed by DGUV V3 and other regulations. This includes preparing the necessary documentation for you.


Wir bieten Ihnen einen maßgeschneiderten und herstellerunabhängigen Wartungsservice und nehmen sofort eventuell erforderliche Reparaturen an den Elektrowerkzeugen vor.

Maintenance portal

Our maintenance portal is a full-featured documentation system for holding all your reports, manuals or other power tools documents. With our system, you can store your documentation on certified servers, ensuring total regulatory compliance and reducing your liability while still having the freedom to plan inspections well in advance.

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This system can be used for all the power tools at your company, regardless of who conducts your inspections. That gives you the kind of complete, detailed maintenance, inspection and repair history that you need for preventive maintenance of all of your power tools.

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