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Marianne Blumenbecker Foundation

Marianne Blumenbecker Foundation

The Marianne Blumenbecker Foundation was established in 1996 as a non-profit, legally independent foundation, aiming to:

  • promote culture and the arts
  • help protect historic monuments and conserve regional values and traditions
  • foster nature and landscape conservation
  • contribute to the advancement of science and research
  • promote education
  • support amateur and recreational sports
  • foster international understanding and tolerance
  • promote welfare of young and elderly people, and
  • support the needy.

Aiding women’s causes and preserving the town’s cultural heritage was of particular concern for the founder, Marianne Blumenbecker. Motivated by her own life experience, she took a special interest in supporting women who are struggling to balance a job and family life.

A non-profit foundation, the Marianne Blumenbecker Foundation has capital funds of more than €3 million (as at 2022). The income generated from this, after deduction of costs, is used for charitable purposes. It is staffed entirely by unpaid volunteers.

The board members of the foundation:
Prof. Dr. Fritz-Ulrich Diers (chairman)
Dr. Helmut Franzen
Rolf Schwanenberg

Projects funded by the foundation in recent years From advice for women to martyr’s shrine

Beckum association Women Helping Women (Frauen helfen Frauen Beckum e.V.) has worked to protect women and girls from all forms of violence and support them in living free from violence since 1986. It also educates the public and professional groups on topics relevant to women and promotes reduction of violence between the sexes and improvement of the social status of women and girls. For many years, it has received a substantial annual grant from the Marianne Blumenbecker Foundation, which secures a significant proportion of the association's own funds.

Support for the „Beckumer Mütterzentrum“ through the monthly payments for three places in the home for children and youth and the project “ambulant visitors- and care-service for seniors”.

Further projects


  • Grants to an association that supports socially disadvantaged and needy people
  • Support for two sports clubs to purchase training equipment for a youth team and a sports wheelchair
  • Grants to a museum association for an exhibition


  • Grants to an association that deals with trauma management for children and young people
  • Support for a climbing group for people with disabilities
  • Grants for the purchase of digital equipment for an elementary school


  • Support for two kindergartens with the redesign of outdoor play areas
  • Assumption of costs for training clothing at two sports clubs
  • Promotion of war graves care projects, a museum association and a town twinning
  • Grants for the work of a choral society and for biotope development
  • Donations for a running event in aid of children's cancer charity and for the purchase of a Tovertafel in a nursing home

Application for funding

The diversity of the Foundation’s activities reflects the fact that it was deliberately set up to cover a wide range of lokal projects.

If you feel your project deserves support, please send a letter setting out details of the project and your request to:

Sudhoferweg 99-107
59269 Beckum Germany