Testing switchgear and drives at TEO AoeR

Testing switchgear and drives

Our client:
Abwasserbetrieb TEO AöR

It is the job of the TEO AöR to direct, purify and process raw sewage and then return it to its natural cycle. In 2003 the communities of Telgte, Everswinkel and Ostbevern decided to work together at an official level and in 2012 this resulted in the establishment of a cooperative company, the ‚TEO public-law corporation‘. Their tasks and responsibilities comprise the collection, transference and purification of the sewage and waste water accumulating in each community area, this entailing further processes such as controlled discharge, flow regulation, percolation and irrigation. The TEO AöR now manages four sewage circuits and four sewage treatment plants. TEO personnel are responsible for more than 300 km of sewage channels and tunnels, several pumping stations and various rainwater retention basins, clarifiers and overflow tanks. All these installations have to be maintained, controlled, serviced and repaired and generally kept up-to-date and in good working order.

The commission

As well as managing the main sewage treatment works the TEO AöR maintains a number of pumping stations in and around the town of Telgte. Like the main plant these installations are all controlled by switchgear systems. Blumenbecker Automatisierungstechnik is required to carry out precautionary checks on these stations as part of its preventive thermographic testing operations.

Project execution

Modern industrial systems often impose huge stresses on switchgear and drive systems. By using the latest thermal imaging techniques at these potential troublespots any risks arising can now be identified at an early stage and safely eliminated. This prevents plant breakdowns and avoids production stoppages.

In this particular occasion the thermographic tests indicated a malfunction on a line to one of the drives. A closer inspection found that a terminal connection had become loose in one of the switchgear units. Experience has shown that this kind of event can frequently result in a fire breaking out further down the line. The problem was rectified and a potential fire source successfully eliminated.


  • Thermographic testing of 45 switchgear systems at Telgte main sewage works
  • Thermographic image testing of 34 switchgear units at pumping stations in and around Telgte
  • Debugging/troubleshooting
  • Record keeping

Customer quote

Our client says:

»Thanks to the excellent work done by Blumenbecker we are certain that our operational duties can be reliably fulfilled in the months ahead. Plant availability is guaranteed.«

Thomas Meier,
Abwasserbetrieb TEO AöR Telgte