Implementation of integrated control system of sawmill line

Implementation of integrated control system of sawmill line

Our client:
LLC Ukrainian Sawmills

USM is a leading producer of high-quality redwood sawn goods in Ukraine. Company is processing FSC-certified pine sawlogs from sustainable and renewable forests in Northern Ukraine. The sawmill is equipped with modern Scandinavian sawmilling, kilndrying and quality-solting technology, which enables production of high-quality sawn goods for delivery to the clients worldwide


Creation of newly designed integrated control and power distribution systems, which includes digital field and cabinet device, assure customer’s confidence throughout the years of reliable operation ahead. Built-in modern technologies help steadily increase efficiency, functionality and expand technological process in the feature. Combined with user-friendly process visualization and remote control using workstations decrease requirements for operation and maintenance personnel, simplify technical support and Iower downtime.


Complete design, commissioning of new integrated control and power distribution systems. Integrated control system provides automatic setup of the process line depending on a batch order and keep maximal pefformance. KPI input data, downtime and other statistics is constantly provided to customer’s external databases using SCADA application of the system. Integrated control system also has necessary functions for interaction with log/board scanners and tagging printers. Together with advanced built-in diagnostic tools for control and power equipment such design creates a comprehansive solution for high-productivity sawlines.