Full refit delivered in quick time at UNA-HAKRA

Full refit of a grain loader Delivery in quick time

Our client:
UNA-HAKRA Hanseatische Kraftfuttergesellschaft mbH

The UNA-HAKRA Hamburg plant has been producing concentrated feedstuffs for breeding sows, piglets and fattening pigs for more than 50 years. The company is a recognised specialist in the animal feed industry.

The commission

Repair and refit a grain loader for the suction intake of grain after delivery by ship.

Contract scope

The grain loader was in need of a repair and refit and a number of cracks had been found in the structure. After deploying a truck crane to dismantle the loader, it was found that the suspension system was also defective and would have to be renewed.

The components in question were transported to the Blumenbecker workshops for a complete overhaul. This operation comprised the following:

  • sandblasting of the jib and anti-corrosion treatment of jib and cantilever suspension system
  • fitting of new guide rails (2 units) for the trolley system
  • inspection and overhaul of the welded joints
  • replacement of the hydraulics
  • replacement of the winches (3 units) for the trolley movements (raising and lowering) and the auxiliary hoist
  • replacement of the steel ropes
  • renewal of the entire power feed system
  • renewal of ladderways, catwalks and handrails
  • reassembly and commissioning.