Fast turnaround: 28 motors in 14 days

Our Client: C.D. Wälzholz GmbH

C.D. Wälzholz GmbH (CDW) is a market leader in the production of cold-rolled and heat-treated steel strip and profiles. The company operates rolling mills all over the world. The Plettenberg plant produces specialised items of different hardness and strip thicknesses. These are used in the production of safety-belt retraction springs, dog leashes and many other items in everyday use and are also fitted to components for the automotive industry.

D.C. Motors
A.C. Motors

The rolling mill

The mill operates on the reversing principle, whereby two coilers are used to feed the stock several times through the roll stand. The material is fed back and forth until the desired thickness is reached. The two huge coilers on which the steel stock is rolled are driven by several large motors. A number of drives are also installed for the operation of the roll stand.

Project scope

All the motors were dismantled at the CDW plant and sent to the Blumenbecker workshops at either Beckum or Iserlohn, where they were completely stripped down, washed and dried. The d.c. motors had their commutators sawn out and new carbon brushes installed, these being ground-in using an emery band. Industrie-Service manufactured its own fibreglass rings for the brush-holders. Each motor was then fitted with new bearings, painted and bench tested. Finally, the units were transported back to CDW, where they were re-installed in the rolling mill and aligned by laser-optic measurement.