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Complete service for welding equipment Procurement and support of the complete welding technology on site

Our client:
Heinz Oesterwiemann GmbH

Heinz Oesterwiemann GmbH is a tank and container manufacturer based in Wadersloh. The medium-sized company was founded in 1970 and is active throughout Europe. The product portfolio includes cellar-welded and site-produced heating oil tanks. Furthermore, they manufacture various tanks of other types in steel and stainless steel as well as drip pans.

The commission

In the 5,000 sqm large production area requires numerous welding machines for the production. The Heinz Oesterwiemann GmbH was looking for a reliable Partner for consulting, procurement and service of welding equipment and consumables.

Project scope

In cooperation with Heinz Oesterwiemann GmbH, we analyse customer requirements in detail. This is an important step, because this is the only way to recommend and procure products that are optimally tailored to customer requirements. If necessary, new welding processes and materials are tested in the in-house competence centre for welding technology under expert guidance. Only high quality products are procured, which have proven themselves in practice many times over.

Blumenbecker currently supplies over four tonnes of high- and low-alloy welding wire per year for MAG inert gas welding, submerged arc welding and TIG welding. In addition, the company supplies around 35,000 electrodes for manual electric welding. In recent years alone, 23 new systems have been delivered, including manual electric welding systems up to 350 amps, TIG systems up to 500 amps, MAG standard and MAG pulse systems up to 400 amps.

The Blumenbecker field service also takes care of instructing the operating staff and is always available to answer any questions. The annual inspection of the approximately 80 welding machines in accordance with DIN EN 60974-4 (VDE 0544-4) is also carried out by a Blumenbecker company, Blumenbecker Industrie-Service GmbH.

The advantages

  • Detailed consultation and analysis of customer requirements

  • Procurement of high quality products, which have proven themselves in practice many times

  • In-house competence center for welding technology, in order to test welding processes and materials in cooperation with the customer

  • Training and service

  • Testing according to DGUV V3

Our client says:

» Blumenbecker is a partner we can rely on. We receive good advice and the service is excellent. «

Heiner Oesterwiemann,
Managing Director, Heinz Oesterwiemann GmbH

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