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New laser center at the headquarters Investment in the future

The switchgear production in Beckum covers 8,000 square meters. Here we manufacture everything from individual switch cabinets to complex switchgears in accordance with the latest standards and norms.

After more than 20 years, the old plasma cutter has served its time and is now being replaced by the latest advances in digital production. Preparations began in mid-July. Conversion work, delivery, assembly, commissioning - all this took only three weeks.

The new laser center enables precise three-dimensional processing of switch cabinets made of painted sheet steel and stainless steel. "Five sides can be processed with a single setup," explains Achim Engelmann, Industrial Engineering and Project Manager. "The cutting speed is up to 1000 millimeters per minute."

The laser works completely contact-free and vibration-free with a cutting width of only 0.3 millimeters. The bleaching parts are cut even with finest contours without damage to the coating or discoloration. Reworking of the fired holes is therefore a thing of the past.

"With this investment in the future, we are taking a big step towards Industry 4.0," explains Uwe Pohlmann, authorized signatory and head of control technology and switchgear production. "We have decided for the laser center to make our production even more future-proof and powerful and our customers benefit from the high quality". But that is not all. "Ultimately, the new laser center is a commitment to the Beckum site and secures jobs," adds Pohlmann.