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Automation technology for two ship unloaders Largest project for long-standing customer Neuero Industrietechnik GmbH in Melle, Germany.

The two identical ship unloaders are gigantic cranes that unload aluminium oxide from bulk carriers. For the transport of the two 260-tonne colossuses to the Canadian site of operation, assembly rails with a total length of 130 metres had to be mounted on the transport ship. In August 2022, the two heavyweights started their 10-day journey from Bremen to Canada.

Neuero Industrietechnik GmbH designs pneumatic unloaders for bulk goods from the food sector (for example wheat or corn) and products from the power plant and aluminium industry - such as aluminium oxide in this case. Each system is tailor-made to the customer's requirements and to the conditions on site. The long-established company commissioned Blumenbecker to develop and supply the control cabinets with PLCs, including engineering to UL/CSA standards. The project is the largest so far for the long-standing customer from Melle. 

"The customer knows and appreciates our expertise in quality and delivery reliability. In this project, we did the engineering for UL and CSA Canada for Neuero for the first time and were able to distinguish ourselves with our know-how," says Key Account Manager Reinhard H. Agnesens.

We have long-term expertise in the area of UL standards

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