Production hall at Seelig

Individually tailored

110 workwear lockers for Seelig+Co.

When it comes to individuality, Seelig+Co. Feinblechbau know a thing or two. The Baden-Württemberg company has been in business for nearly nine decades, its 100-strong workforce producing individual items and assemblies from sheet metal and related materials. It has a Europe-wide customer network that ranges from small businesses to global companies. Each order is individually designed and tailored to the customer's requirements.

Anything but a routine job

That means anything goes and nothing comes straight off-the-peg. And that was exactly what was needed when the sheet-metal specialist approached Blumenbecker with an order for some 110 storage lockers for the common room facility at a production shop. The commission featured irregularly shaped rooms and challenging requirements, including an electronic locking system that could be used for time tracking as well as for opening and closing the locker units. This was a challenge that Ulrich Maier, deputy head of Blumenbecker Industriebedarf in Munich, described in the following words: "This was anything but a routine job."

Every request was met in full

The concept that Blumenbecker developed with its partner C+P Möbelsysteme was well thought out and had a distinctive and uncluttered appearance: 110 individual lockers, all custom-made, designed for orderly storage and where every specification has been met, from the colour scheme through to the technical features. The units feature a 'blue/ white' demarcation that provides a clear line of division between home-wear and workwear. The closing and time-tracking system has been effectively incorporated into the building's technical services and last but not least some ingenious engineering is used to create zonal ventilation.

End result

Mission accomplished! The lockers have been in use for over a year now: they have been very well received by the staff and are highly appreciated by the client Seelig+Co.

Our customer says:

»Everything went perfectly, from the excellent advice to the price-quality ratio.«

Sabine Bieber,
CEO, Seelig+Co. Feinblechbau GmbH