Calibration and tool regrinding and sharpening

Specification and provision of industrial
supplies and services

Our client:
Ohrmann Montagetechnik GmbH

Ohrmann Montagetechnik GmbH is a family-run firm based in Möhnesee. The company has been developing, building and distributing assembly engineering equipment since 1986, this ranging from manual installation devices to large, fully-automatic machines. Ohrmann has a broad-based client portfolio and supplies numerous sectors, including the automotive industry. The company places a premium on product quality, which it considers essential for meeting the high demands of its customers.

The commission

Blumenbecker has been collaborating with Ohrmann since the company was first established and over the years has supplied all kinds of industrial equipment along with extensive professional advice and services. Blumenbecker has proved to be a solid and dependable partner during a process of continuous optimisation.

Project execution

Improving efficiency – reducing process costs. This philosophy has enabled plant engineers Ohrmann to achieve ongoing process optimisation and to compete successfully in the global marketplace. And Blumenbecker has been supporting them in this effort for some twenty years.

Ohrmann places a premium on product quality, which it considers essential for meeting the high demands of its customers. Operating efficiency also plays a key role and this also includes ongoing cost reductions in-house.

Workplace efficiency has been improved, for example, by the introduction of workshop trolleys that have been individualised to provide the tools that are specific to each workstation. Blumenbecker teamed up with its suppliers to develop technical solutions that were best suited to this role, and these were then designed and manufactured. Another example of this collaboration has been the order-picking trolleys that operate between the warehouse and the workstations, thus helping to avoid unnecessary journeys.

As well as supplying industrial products Blumenbecker also provides a whole range of additional services, such as instrument calibration and tool regrinding and sharpening. Keeping in close touch with the customer is the key factor here, as this means Ohrmann can rely on information, products and services being supplied promptly even when orders and requests are placed at short notice.

Our customer says:

»Blumenbecker is a partner for all our industrial engineering needs.«

Franz Hütt,
Purchasing Manager, Ohrmann Montagetechnik GmbH