Delivery of 17 roller shutter systems at Sedus Systems

Delivery of 17 roller shutter systems

Our client:
Sedus Systems GmbH

Sedus Stoll AG is a leading global manufacturer of high-quality office furniture. From the reception area to individual, combi, openplan and directors’ offices, Sedus offers furniture solutions for the entire organisation. Products are guided by the rules of modern workstation design and tailored to meet the customer’s needs. The company‘s subsidiary Sedus Systems GmbH, which is based at Geseke, develops and manufactures all the main carcass units, which includes worktables, containers and cabinet systems, countertops and all kinds of auxiliary units.

The commission

The industrial doors fitted to the Sedus Systems factory building were more than 20 years old and were no longer state-of-the-art as they still relied on mechanical springs (mechanical roller shutter system). Blumenbecker proposed replacing the doors with a new electrical roller shutter system. The contract involved de-commissioning and removing the old doors and supplying and fitting the new system.

Contract scope

The first step was to select a suitable door system that met the client‘s requirements and was in keeping with his price-performance ratio. The whole operation had to be planned in some detail in order to minimise the de-commissioning and installation costs, and disrupt the day-to-day routine of the Sedus plant as little as possible. Thorough work preparation and the deployment of a well-trained and technically skilled team of fitters ensured that the door change-over was completed in the shortest possible time. While the replacement system was identical in size to the old doors, the drive units were of quite a different design and featured directly-mounted drives and tubular drives with flange bearings. The entire commission was completed on schedule and the new doors went into operation without a hitch.