Occupational safety

Our product range

The demands on workplace safety keep rising from year to year, which means that we constantly have to keep abreast of current developments also in terms of our product range. Only by regularly reviewing current standards are we able to offer you high-quality products that meet all safety and quality requirements. Our delivery programme includes, among other items:

  • Safety boots
  • Workwear
  • PSA clothing
  • Hand protection
  • Respiratory and hearing protection
  • Safety and rescue equipment
  • Skin protection
  • Head protection
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Smokers’ cabins

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Workwear is clothing that is required to be worn, or can be worn, to protect the wearer. In medical and gastronomical settings, it also ensures hygiene and protects clothing. In metalworking settings, such as welding, workwear is part of the worker’s protective equipment. In other workplaces, such as road construction, we will provide you with a high-visibility vest and protective gloves.

For other areas, e.g. road construction, we can supply you with safety vests and protective gloves. Blumenbecker offers you a wide range of workwear for a wide variety of professional groups.