Cable in detail

Training of installators

We invite you to the newly opened training center. Modern and well-equipped positions will allow installers to familiarize themselves with the Raychem / TYCO Electronics brand products and the rules of their assembly. We carry out trainings in the field of POLT terminations, RICS adapters, RSTI angle terminations, POLJ, GUSJ joints and TRAJ transitional joint. We have positions for connecting adapters and angle terminations: RICS, RSTI, RSES. The training is carried out by qualified employees of Blumenbecker Handel i Serwis. The scope of basic training is POLT-24 ... / 1XI / 1XO heads, RSTI angle termination, RICS angle adapter and POLJ-24 / 1x ... joints, TRAJ-24 /...- 3SB / PL01.

It is possible to organize training at any time convenient for you. The scope of the training can also be selected according to the company's needs.

The scope of basic training:

  • POLT-24.../1XI/1XO
  • RICS-51..
  • RSTI-58..
  • POLJ-24/1x...
  • TRAJ-24/...-3SB/PL01/PL02

In order to set up the training date please contact the seller.