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Blumenbecker is a one-stop shop for all automation services, including consultation, development, design and software development, switchgears production, electrical installation and commissioning. Our portfolio covers manufacture and assembly of a wide variety of switchgears – from individual switchgear cabinets to highly complex technical installations supporting entire range of automation and control services. 

One of our value-added advantages is the holistic approach to development of end-to-end solutions.

You will have one authorised contact from your initial consultation to your after-sales service, making our responsibilities clear, our relationship efficient, ensuring a smooth project.

We work hand in hand with major worldwide partners, ensuring you receive switchgears and control cabinets with the most recent, robust and efficient electrical devices built-in.

We start with your requirements and ideas and engage our high-speed switchgear production featuring Industry 4.0. This award-winning approach and our longstanding relationships with major providers confirm this approach works seamlessly.

The final outcome will amaze you – contact us today!

Certified quality: standards and regulations

The quality of our switchgear and control cabinets is visible from the beginning. All companies in the Blumenbecker Group are certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and SCCP, having established an in-house continuous improvement process to drive overall optimization. We attach special attention to effective dialogue and asking the right questions. Only when we know the real needs of the client are we able to choose fitting solutions based on our know-how.

Quality standards we follow:

  • EN ISO 9001:2015
  • CE mark
  • VDE-/
  • DIN-/
  • UL 508A for devices exported to the USA and Canada
  • ATEX-Ex
  • Eaton xEnergy system
  • Eaton Profi line system
  • Schneider Electric PRISMA Plus

UL-certified testing
We manufacture and test products also to the standards UL 508A and UL 698A and are authorised to apply UL labels to our switchgear.

Other testing and certifications:

  • Testing to DGUV V3 (accident prevention regulations for electrical equipment) 
  • VDE and DIN 
  • Testing to UVV (accident prevention regulations) 
  • State regulations as C22.2 No. 286 for switchgears in Canada

Our services


Sharing knowledge is our passion

We start our relationship with an in-depth consultation in which we analyse your requirements and identify areas where we see room for improvement. Next, we design and configure the solutions to meet your requirements while maximising their value to you.

Your ideas become reality with the help of our expert designers who are ready to freely share their knowledge and provide advisory and technical support, all with the clear aim of exceeding your expectations. Our designers receive regular training in order to maintain and improve their skills with switchgear and control cabinets manufacture and testing, enabling us to set worldwide standards.


Planning and Construction

We create projects by planing and designing them from a scratch as well as delivering technical documentation. This means all switchgear are being built in-house. Know-how of our engineers enable you to be sure right from the planning phase that your requirements will be implemented the exact in the way you want it.


We deliver comprehensive end-to-end solutions on time because we produce the switchgear and control cabinets independently. Our engineers, logistics, production and quality control staff work shoulder to shoulder, ensuring flexibility in the project and allowing any pressing changes to be made right away – an asset in the fast-moving development of a project.

We deliver:

  • Switchgear and control cabinets – small and large-scale production, from individual switchgear cabinets to highly complex sets of control cabinets
  • Low-voltage cabinets up to 5000A
  • guaranteed power supply systems
  • Systematic testing and pre-commissioning
  • On-site installation
  • Service and maintenance

We are proud that our switchgear and control cabinets run smoothly on every continent.

Our yearly production volume results in:

  • nearly 1,000 pieces of large switchgears or sets of control cabinets
  • more than 1,500 pieces of medium-sized switchgears
  • more than 3,000 pieces of small cabinets


We check and test the switchgears in detail at intervals recommended by the DGUV V3 standard and other regulations. This also includes the preparation of the necessary post-control documentation.

The test procedures include:

  • Cold test run
  • I/O checking
  • Functional tests
  • Optimization of controllers, sensors, etc.


We will sit down with you and standardise your switchgear and controllers as much as possible to avoid needless costs. For example, we can develop a configuration framework that you can use to build different options for specific control tasks.

UL 508A

We are authorised to build and certify switchgear according to UL 508A. The Standard for Industrial Control Panels covers equipment for the North American market and some petroleum exporting countries. As a necessary requirement for this certification, the components used in the switchgear must be correctly installed or selected in accordance with the standard.

EN 61439

We manufacture our switchgear and controlgear to EN 61439, the universal standard on safety requirements for low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies. It contains not only product standards, but also general specifications for all types of low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies as well as design rules that can also be used for all switchgear and controlgear assemblies.

As a switchgear and controlgear manufacturer, we are responsible for:

  • Designing power switchgear and controlgear (PSC) assemblies in accordance with the specified rating data
  • Standards compliance vis-à-vis the customer
  • Compliance with the design verification conducted by the original manufacturer
  • Equipment labelling and documentation
  • Performing routine verification

We take this responsibility very seriously. We thoroughly check every piece of switchgear and controlgear before it leaves our facility, including:

  • Electrical tests as required
  • Calculation of temperature rise for switchgear and controlgear assembly InA ≤ 1,600 A 


EPLAN Electric P8 is a CAE software solution for project planning, documentation and management of electrotechnical automation projects. It is based on an innovative platform technology that enables horizontal and vertical integration in engineering.

International standards such as IEC 81346, ANSI, JIC, NFPA, GB or the Russian GOST are also supported.

Because we work with EPLAN P8 / EPLAN Pro Panel for all projects, compatibility with your professional standards is guaranteed at all times.

Switchgear production Fast - Professional - High Quality

We deliver comprehensive end-to-end solutions from single source on time because we produce switchgear and control cabinets independently. Our engineers, logistics, production and quality control staff work shoulder to shoulder, ensuring flexibility in the project and allowing any pressing changes to be made right away – an asset in the fast-moving development of a project.

We can fabricate and assemble a wide variety of switchgear in job and series production – from individual switching cabinets to highly complex technical installations in compliance with all relevant standards and regulations (DIN/EN, VDE/ISO, UL, etc.).

We are also accustomed to making custom products for unusual requirements, such as special paints or uncommon switchgear cabinets/console formats. Our well-equipped machine shop includes a CNC machining centre and cable processing capability. Get a first impression of our switchgear manufacturing in Beckum and experience the production hall in 360-degree images.

Our vast portfolio of services and products are designed to help you reach your goals. These services range from automating systems and machines, developing innovative robotics solutions and building special-purpose machinery to testing, maintaining and repairing your systems and supplying everything from C parts to machine tools – all over the world.

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