Recruitment process Not every recruitment process is the same, but this is as general as it gets.

Step 1 Send CV

You saw a job offer that interests you? Send your CV at:

If you are interested in internship apply at: 

Step 2 We analyse your application

We will read your application carefully. If your qualifications and experience answers our current needs, we will send you an e-mail or call you to discuss the next stages of  ecruitment process.

Step 3 It's time to meet you

The interview is a moment when you get to know better our company and we have a chance to get to know more about you. We put on a friendly and open atmosphere. The meeting usually lasts 1 hour and it is divided in two parts:

  • soft part - we want to know more about your experience,motivations and plans for the future in professional life
  • technical part - interview with one from our engineers

If you are not able to meet with us in Katowice, we can talk by the phone or Skype.

Step 4 Our Decision

The result of technical conversation will decide about whether we will begin co-operation right now, or we decide to arrange a contact in future. We will inform you about the results by telephone.

Step 5 Welcome in our team!

You completed the recruitment process positively and it means that you will join the best team of engineers in the world! 

(we are modest, but simply we know that we’re the best :))

Shape the future with us!