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Workers' opinions

"Adventure with the Blumenbecker Engineering Polska I began in July 2012. I am a programmer in the IT department. From the beginning of my work I was and still I am pleased with the position which I occupy, because the range of duties answers to the area of my interests. Therefore I have a feeling that what I am doing at work has a value both for the company and for me. Things which I like the most in the company are : first-class IT equipment, elastic hours of starting work (between 7:00 and 9:00) and the atmosphere of the friendship and the understanding from other workers."

Paweł, Software Developer
IT Department


Jakub, Control System Engineer
Electric Department:

“I have been working in Blumenbecker Engineering Polska since few months. During last year some of my friends started to work in here. Thanks to that I decided to try myself and I applied for that job. 

I have been studying Electrotechnology at Politechnika Świętokrzyska in Kielce. I’ve already thought about relocation few years ago, so when I saw good job offer I decided to relocate.

In Blumenbecker I am working in Electric Department as Control System Engineer. I am designing control systems: assorting the electric accessories, drawing outlines of the control systems etc. My job is rather stationary – sometimes there are trips but definitely not so often like for example in programmer’s job. I am very pleased about that because I prefer this system of working.

It is the main attribute of working in Blumenbecker – everyone can find something good for himself. It’s a place for people who like working stationary (in the office) but also for people who want to travel all over the world thanks to his job.The big advantage of the company is the atmosphere in work. I have a chance to cooperate with great team of professionals. I can always count on my experienced friends. I have to admit that we also work on a first-class equipment”.

Przemysław, Project Manager
Control System Department:

"I started working in Blumenbecker Engineering Polska just after graduating. I decided to apply for a job in that company because of the fact that few of my friends have already worked in here and they recommended Blumenbecker. And so far I have been working here since 8 years and for about 3 years I am a Project Manager. In my team there are a few designers, PLC programmers and robot programmers. My duty is to manage the team and control the projects which are realized on General Motors factories started from bidding, through designing, starting -up , until the final approval. The last project carried out by us was a welding line of the new Opel Astra in Gliwice. At present we are finishing the starting- up line for the Opel Insignia in Kaiserslautern and the Opel Meriva and the Citroen Picasso in Saragossa.

At the work I value people the most. In my projects I have a pleasure to work with an experienced specialists who have a considerable knowledge, but also with young programmers without an experience which are demonstrating a huge willingness of developing themselves and engagement to tasks entrusted them. Also an equipment on which we are working is an undoubted advantage because usually it is the newest and the most advanced technologies. It is worth to tell about the fringe benefits like the private health care ( Medicover ). A company also organized events which integrate the team, like family picnics, integration departures and so on."

"For the first time I heard about the Blumenbecker company during my studies when my friend got here for practice. Therefore after the end of education on Silesian engineering college I wanted to get work in the place which I knew from the opinion of others.

In Blumenbecker I value people above all. When you are here new, for some reason you don't know something, you need help, nobody is leaving you on your own. You can always count on supporting of the manager and partners. I warmly recommend work in Blumenbecker in my department to people who do not want to be bored with the computer but to see the tangible effects of their work, for example programmed robot which is working on the production line."

Tomasz, Advanced Robot Programmer 
Robot Department


Paweł, Control Systems Programmer
Control Systems Department:

"I am working in Blumenbecker Engineering Polska company from April of this year. I heard about the company from my friend from the studies who was in BB on the summer practice and praised her time which she spent in here. Actually I am working in the new office in Krakow. So far I participated in projects in the factory of Fiat in Tychy, Brembo in Dąbrowa Górnicza and I deal with the visional application to the Taropak Fair in Poznań.

What I like the most in my job is that I can every day work with the people who have a large experience and they can improve my knowledge thanks to them. They are very creative, we have similar interests, we also spend free time together. What is also very important is the fact that I can participate in the training courses about the newest programs and equipment, work with the chambers 3D and to work in area of vision. Besides the fact that this is my work it is also my passion and I have a fun with it.

If you have nothing against delegations and you want to tour the world I recommend the department of robotics and of programming PLC. If you prefer stationary work I recommend the visional section or IT department.

I think I can commend Blumenbecker Engineering Polska to people who are looking for challenges and want to improve they theoretical knowledge to practical solution."

Krzysztof, Senior Programmer
Control Systems:

"In BB I began from internship and working placement. After graduation I've already known where and what I want to do in my life, that is why I decided to work in here. Every day is a new challange because there are no "templates" in my job. Each project enrich our knowledge, develop our skills, show the new methods of actions. I participated in various projects: from the welding shop, through transit systems, by Polish projects which required a co-operation with IT.

My work is characterized mainly in foreign projects. The last one was carried out in Czech Republic. However there were also departures to China, Germany or Great Britain. Travelling all over the world with Blumenbecker allow you to get to know the variety of the cultures aand languages but above all to tour places to which you cannot drive by yourself because of financial reasons - China is a good example. After the work or in the free day on the project it is possible to organize the sight-seeing of city. I do not conceal however, that everything depends on the period of project. Usually the best moment on spending leisure time in this way is the first stage of project. However it is more closely to the end, it is necessary to focuse only at work.

I would reccommend work in Blumenbecker especially to young people, because they acclimatize easily, make new frienship quickly and study really fast. This is a work for people who want to have contact with new technologists and like to see immediately the effects of their work".