Hand tools

Best quality for every budget

Hand tools are the oldest tools we know. Despite mechanisation, automation and digitisation, they are still essential and will remain so for the foreseeable future. Hand tools are no strangers to technological progress, either. By staying in touch with manufacturers and regularly attending trade shows, we know everything there is to know about current trends and update our catalogue as needed.

Hand tools, like all other tools, should be bought on the basis of safety and quality. For example, does the tool:

  • List a DIN standard that says something about its quality?
  • Have a “Geprüfte Sicherheit” or “GS” mark so you can assess how safe it is to use?
  • Display a brand? Reputable manufacturers will want to assume responsibility for their products by branding them.

Blumenbecker pursues a clear-cut two-brand strategy with hand tools. FORMAT, our house brand, is an attractive, high-quality alternative to big-name industrial products. FORMAT is an excellent brand designed for professional use. We also carry well-known manufacturer brands such as Gedore, Knipex or Hazet, which consistently combine high-quality materials with exacting craftsmanship.

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