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An all-inclusive care package for the quality testing of crankshafts

Whether it's stub axles, wishbones, crankshafts, pistons or bucket teeth, Bharat Forge CDP in Ennepetal is the supplier of choice when it comes to forged chassis and motor components, and non-automotive systems too. And its reputation is a global one.

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Digital experiences made by Blumenbecker

Improving procedures, working more efficiently and more safely, developing new products and services, providing added value to customers: these are issues that concern every sector of industry.

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130 drives in 12 days - Overhaul at Brökelmann + Co oil mill

It's all running like a well-oiled machine at Hafenstraße in Hamm, where Brökelmann + Co produce edible oil on a grand scale: rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil, frying oil and walnut oil, all of which are sold by the owner-run company under its own labels Brölio and Noury as well as under generic trade brands.

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More than 100,000 items to guarantee baking perfection

When you buy a ready-to-eat cake in the supermarket or discount store you will almost always be serving up a Kuchenmeister product. The Kuchenmeister company, which is based in Soest, is the market leader in Germany for ready-made cake specialities and the world's biggest producer of baumkuchen and stollen.

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Blumenbecker in Poland

The Blumenbecker Group's presence in Poland consists of three operational companies and one branch office. Something that started out with just 12 employees and a warehouse about 13 years ago has now developed into a real success story.

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