Robotic welding cell B.ARC

Compact solution for your needs

The B.ARC flexible robotic cell is a compact solution for small to medium volume welding applications.

Our solution contains two, safety-independent welding tables, thus significantly reducing the time of the entire welding process. While the robot is welding on one table, the operator can weld on the other table without compromising cell safety. In addition, the operator does not need to have protective goggles. The movement of the drum door is fully automatic and depends on the start or end of the welding process. The operator will thus immediately know that the welding process is properly completed.

The sheet metal enclosure of the robotic cell has safety windows. These inspection windows are not only used to visually check the process, but also to simplify the work of the programmer, for example when finding the robot trajectories.

One of the other advantages of our solution is the compactness of the entire structure, which is self-supporting. The cell can thus be transported with a standard forklift truck.

Design changes can be made by mutual agreement, according to customer preferences. In case of interest, we also offer the possibility of delivering the customized fixtures themselves.

What does the B.ARC solution offer?

  • Two welding tables with two independent safety circuits
  • Single operator operation
  • Automatic movement of rotating drums
  • Fixture clamping with repeatable accuracy of -+0.02mm
  • KUKA KRC5 control system
  • Detailed diagnostics of actuators via graphical interface
  • Service monitoring possible via remote management
  • Power distribution box included in the cell
  • Electrical equipment of the table - Harting 16PIN connector
  • Connection of fixtures to pressurized air via low-pressure quick coupler
  • Basic welded steel construction made of 120x80x5 profiles
  • Safety superstructure made of ITEM profiles
  • Workplace status signalling using a multi-state optical beacon
  • Extraction preparation above each table
  • The equipment complies with the following EN ISO standards: ČSN EN ISO 12100, ČSN EN ISO 13849-1ČSN EN ISO 14119ČSN EN ISO 14120ČSN EN ISO 13857ČSN EN ISO 18855ČSN EN ISO 60204-1 ed.3

Technical specification

Dimensions (W × D × H)

2 × 1,8 × 2,1 m

Weight (without welding unit)

2 000 kg

Robot type

Kuka KR 8 R1440-2 arc HW

Control system

Kuka KRC 5

Clamping tables (2 pcs)

500 x 500 mm

Maximum table load

50 kg

Handling doorAutomatic with safety impact bar
Welding unitAccording to customer's requirement

ProfiNet, EtherCat

Power supply 

3NPE~50Hz 400V/TN-S, cable 5x10mm, fuse 3x50A

If you are interested, please contact our sales department:

Lenka Šrámková
Sales Representative
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