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Control and monitoring systems

Process control at a glance

It can be challenging to track plant conditions in real time and effectively control plant equipment based on reliable information, especially amid growing complexity. But with custom-optimised process control systems as well as process visualisation and supervisory technology in your control room, you can get deep visibility into every tier of your production process.

Count on us for all your process visualisation needs - from alarm and data input systems to decentralised screen displays for optimised human-machine interfaces to central supervisory systems.

We will propose and program the ideal visualisation system for all the equipment, robots and computer systems that we design.

We can also program state-of-the-art high-performance MES systems to connect your production equipment with facility information systems.

We use SCADA systems such as:

  • WinCC
  • Intouch
  • iFix
  • WebFactory

Our visualisation solutions show you exactly what is happening at your plant. Measured/setpoint values are dynamically updated and clearly displayed on the monitor. That makes it much easier to control your systems, especially when they are complex.

Information and visualisation systems

We can program process control and supervisory systems from all established brands. We also offer IT solutions for many industrial sectors based on different programming languages (C++, Delphi, .NET, ASP, Java) and relational databases (SQL).

Our services in detail:

  • Collection, archiving and analysis systems for production data based on relational SQL databases (example: collection and analysis systems for electrical screw systems from Bosch, Atlas Copco and Cooper that use an Oracle database specifically programmed for VW Slovakia) 
  • Customised applications 
  • MES systems for business production analysis with respect to availability, quality and performance (OEE) based on products such as GE Fanuc Proficy (iHistorion, Plant App, Portal) or newly developed solutions
  • Systems for higher level production control and product tracking, cooperation with SAP 
  • Order and production management solutions for VW’s production, information and control system.

Process analysis made easy
Do you want to

  • Identify correlations between production and business processes? 
  • Evaluate data for the entire enterprise? 
  • Access up-to-date information? 
  • Access heterogeneous and distributed data? 
  • Benefit from flexible reporting and meaningful data visualisation?

QlikView is a tool for capturing business and production processes and analysing them with various statistical and graphical tools. QlikView can access different data sources within the organisation. Reports can be generated at the push of a button, displaying important correlations quickly and precisely.

It provides:

  • Access to an unlimited number of data sources 
  • Extensive analysis functions 
  • High-performance compression 
  • Meaningful presentations 
  • User-specific product variants

With QlikView, you can spot weaknesses early, see how business processes are interrelated and obtain support for your decision-making.

MES-Portal: More visibility, more flexibility, more success

Our modular MES (manufacturing execution system) portal covers everything from field instruments to the ERP system interface.

The portal gives you the tools to configure and install an MES program that suits your unique requirements and objectives. With it, you can improve plant productivity significantly.

Mobile systems

Our proprietary mobile production control systems can display all production-related systems in a standardised visual interface using a tablet or smartphone. Alarms, faults and other events are sent to the mobile devices over a wireless LAN. Integrated RFID technology allows real-time tracking of product locations.

Monitoring of production machines (OEE)

A plant or machine is supposed to produce goods for 24 hours without any defects. At least in theory. The reality is often very different. OEE systems can help you identify the root causes of problems so that you can fix them and take informed decisions.

We offer OEE (everall equipment effectiveness) measurement tools that track production downtime and provide statistical reporting that can be used to make improvements to quality, performance and availability:

  • Automatic acquisition of non-productive time
  • Identification of performance deficits 
  • Web-based operation and evaluation 
  • Meaningful results with minimal time investment

Blumenbecker monitoring supplies the facts in the form of charts and tables. Results are always current. There is no need to invest extra time and energy in creating charts or reports. You can immediately spot the root causes of problems and take action to avoid further production downtime.

Your benefits:

  • Accurate capture of production downtime 
  • Improved set-up and cleaning times 
  • Higher load factors - Shorter cycle times 
  • Lower scrap rates

Process control systems

We program process control systems and develop user-specific software solutions for automation technology.

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Our services


We start our relationship with an in-depth consultation in which we analyse your requirements and identify areas where we see room for improvement. Next, we design and configure the solutions to meet your requirements while maximising their value to you.


We implement the programming of operating, monitoring and process control systems of all established manufacturers for you. Our experienced programmers also connect common ERP systems (SAP, Navision,...), create user-specific high-level language applications and migrate legacy systems (S5, S7, TIA, PCS7,...) with the lowest possible downtime.


Once installed, the systems are commissioned by our specialists and project engineers. They monitor the start-up process, test availability and optimise processes to get the solution quickly integrated into your production process. Our services also include shift supervision by our engineers and the training of operators and maintenance personnel.


We offer a series of training courses for your employees in which we introduce them to the operation of the software and the visualisations and help them to make the most of their possibilities.

After-sales service

Our partnership does not end with commissioning and start-up. We continue to offer a plant maintenance service and will undertake software and hardware modifications as and when needed for the production process.

We support your plant automation over the complete life cycle of the plant, up to maintenance and future extensions. In case of technical problems we offer you a fast 24/7 service.


We’ll sit down with you and standardise your switchgear and controllers as much as possible to avoid needless costs. For example, we can develop a configuration framework that you can use to build different options for specific control tasks.

You need an individual solution and professional advice?