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Service for industrial robots Everything working in sync

Your manufacturing process can only run smoothly when your industrial robots are working as they should. Our specialists are fully equipped to deal with all your servicing and repair needs, helping you to maintain the value of your investment.

We can provide a complete service package for your robots. Whether from ABB or KUKA - our engineers can undertake all kinds of maintenance work and will also carry out non-scheduled repairs when needed.

More extensive repairs and overhauls are carried out in our robot centre, which is equipped with the latest repair stations and a dedicated test bench.

If requested we can also make a fully refurbished robot available to cover your short-term needs.

Discover the advantages of Blumenbecker robot service

Three reasons to choose Blumenbecker:

1. Vendor-independent

Are you using different brands of robots? We are a one-stop maintenance provider.

Your benefit: you only have one maintenance contract instead of juggling several different ones.

2. Cost-effective

Our efficient organization and local presence allow us to make extremely cost-effective quotes.

Your benefit: lower costs.

3. Qualified

Our skilled technicians maintain your robots expertly and log all their work.

Your benefit: investment longevity and security.

Repairs and maintenance

Our skilled technicians perform routine maintenance on robots – whether we supplied and installed them or not. We act as a KUKA System Partner in this capacity, for example.

Repairs that cannot be completed in the field will be performed at one of our well-equipped repair shops. We keep frequently needed spare parts in stock.

We can also help with any unforeseen problems with your robots. We respond swiftly and use tried-and-tested troubleshooting processes to get your production up and running again quickly.

Reprogramming and retooling

Products and manufacturing processes change, and your robots need to change with them. When this happens, our engineers can reprogram your robots. They can also make design and functional modifications and address your retooling needs.

Video about our robot service

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