Regulated drives for all performance classes

Regulated drives

Siemens Solution Partner

We are a SIEMENS Solution Partner and can develop the perfect drive solution for you. Our services include complete process automation and custom drive solutions.

SIMOTION technology from SIEMENS
SIMOTION is ideal for all machines and lines required to perform extremely fast, precise positioning tasks. SIMOTION combines logical control, positioning (synchronisation) and technological functions (pressure and temperature regulation) into one system. It can control up to 32 hydraulic or conventional axes.

The frequency converters (individual axes) basically act like standard actuators – they merely allow the speed to be infinitely adjusted. That’s why it is so easy to assign parameters. SIMOTION and the frequency converters communicate via PROFIBUS (fast communication, same program runtime for all devices on the bus and for their synchronisation) or analogue (frequency converters that only support analogue requirements or hydraulic axes). There is also an option to connect the system to ETHERNET (data acquisition).

There are essentially three platforms that were programmed as part of the SCOUT development software:

  • SIMOTION C: SIMOTION C, featuring four onboard interfaces for analogue or stepping drives and multiple digital inputs and outputs, is a particularly versatile controller with S7-300 function modules. It can be expanded with I/O modules from the SIMATIC S7-300 range, for example, system modules (2-8/16 axes) for positioning tasks, logic blocks and technology functions. 
  • SIMOTION P: Microsoft Windows NT (4-6/32 axes), designed for positioning tasks, logic blocks and technology functions, use of Windows programs possible, HMI (control panel). 
  • SIMOTION D: Built into SINAMICS S120 as a control unit. This saves space and makes the system extremely responsive. SIMOTION D is available in two mechanical designs (single-axis and multi-axis) with four performance variants for up to 128 axes.


  • Flexibility (easy adjustment for different product types and easy integration of sub-components with existing plants) 
  • Simplicity, reliability, performance, quality 
  • Time savings during commissioning 
  • Ease of maintenance 
  • Fewer mechanical components

Areas of application: 

  • Packaging lines 
  • Plastic and rubber processing machines 
  • Press machines 
  • Textile machines 
  • Printing machines 
  • Machines for wood, glass and ceramics processing 
  • All applications that involve positioning

Regulated drives – good for the environment, too

Electrical drive systems play a key role in responsible energy use. They link the power supply to all the mechanical processes that are responsible for much of the overall energy consumption. For example, machinery powered by electric motors accounts for two-thirds of all industrial energy consumption. If European industry and government replaced their old drives – some of which have been running for decades – with modern drive systems featuring electronic speed control and energy-saving motors, they could save well over 100 billion kilowatt-hours of energy and cut CO2 emissions by nearly 70 million tonnes each year – not to mention the cost savings for business.

Drive systems and control engineering

Blumenbecker works with well-known partners in drive systems and develops complex production lines for you worldwide.

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