Tailor-made solutions

Blumenbecker industrial automation is known for supplying solutions tailored to your needs. Solutions so innovative that they keep raising the bar for excellence in our industry.

We provide a full range of automation products without being restricted to any particular brand. Our employees are highly experienced and knowledgeable and so can answer essentially any question you may have about designing and building your new equipment or upgrading or retrofitting your current systems. With subsidiaries in numerous countries, we can support your automation projects all over the world and help you compete in the global marketplace.

In-house switchgear manufacturing

We can supply single-source end-to-end solutions because we produce the switchgear ourselves. Since our design and switchgear production teams work shoulder to shoulder, design changes can be implemented very quickly, Blumenbecker is a one-stop shop for all automation services: from consulting, development, design and software development to switchgear production, electrical installation and commissioning.

More and more companies have outsourced their entire switchgear production, but still want the actual production process to stay nearby. To accommodate them, our highly trained staff will manufacture switchgear at their facilities.

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System integrator for your projects

Our engineers and technicians will work closely with you to optimise your unique workflows and production processes. We can integrate new and legacy machines and robots, develop appropriate automation solutions and program the corresponding software. As a system integrator, we assume overall responsibility for all the components and sub-systems that make up your equipment.

At Blumenbecker, you’ll get cutting-edge end-to-end solutions for whatever you need: from conveyors to visualisation, from industrial robotics to control and monitoring systems, from switchgear to PLCs.

We deliver solutions

Switchgear construction

Switchgear construction

Switchgear construction in our own facilities with Rittal cabinets in accordance with ISO and UL regulations - worldwide delivery and installation.

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