Mission statement of the Blumenbecker Group

Our Mission Statement Our foundational attitudes to conducting business

Nothing strengthens people’s trust more than congruency of word and deed. That is the easiest way to gain credibility – and in fact it is not easy at all: say what you do, and do what you say.

Johannes Rau
President of the Federal Republic of Germany,
in his “Berlin Speech”, 12 May 2004

12 guiding principles

1 - An independent, traditional and forward-looking family-owned company

Blumenbecker was founded in 1922 as a family-owned company and we want to keep it that way. Having been established such a long time ago, we are conscious of tradition, but at the same time forward-looking and innovative as well as regional and global.

2 - Decentralised managment - central steering

Embedded in a decentralised group structure, each company in the Blumenbecker Group is managed by an entrepreneurial management team in its respective market. Concurrently, the entire Group is steered centrally by a holding company.

3 - A one-stop shop for technical solutions

We have many years of experience and exceptional technical expertise, in terms of both breadth and depth, in the business areas we have selected. This firm foundation enables us to provide a wide range of solutions, individualised to each customer‘s needs. Our work is always completed on time and to the highest standard.

4 - Long-term partnership with customers

Because we desire long-term relationships with our customers and constructive, robust partnerships, increasing our customers‘ productivity and position in the market is a top priority for us. We also help customers develop new markets and technical innovations.

5 - Dealing fairly with suppliers and competitors

Our relationships with our suppliers are also conducted in a spirit of partnership. In relation to our competitors, we are – of course – competitive, but also fair.

6 - Profit as the basis for growth

We see our earning power as the key to ensuring continuity of employment for our staff, sustainable development for the Group and achieving the growth we aspire to. We aim for a long-term rather than a short-term rate of return.

7 - Openness to change

We create a corporate culture that welcomes and encourages changes and continuous innovation, with the goal of continually improving our products and processes in order to become more competitive.

8 - Leadership by example and responsibility for staff

Our managers are role models for their staff. We build strong relationships, encouraging each other by practising trust and openness, active listening, respect, being reliable and providing constructive feedback. The way we relate to our employees and their families is characterised by a sense of social responsibility.

9 - Promoting and supporting individual responsibility and personal development

We set great store by personal responsibility and solution-oriented, independent action. To support this, we promote and support the professional and personal development of our staff for the Group‘s benefit.

10 - Achieving more through cooperation

We achieve our goals by making the most of the extensive knowledge of the many people who work for Blumenbecker. Therefore, we work cooperatively together both within and between our companies, throughout the Group. We are convinced that we can achieve more by working as a Group than we could individually.

11 - Job security, conservation of resources and environmental protection

We attach great importance to job security for all Blumenbecker employees and for the business as a whole. We also regard efficient use of resources and protection of the environment as a necessary part of business management, as well as worthwhile goals in themselves.

12 - Observing the law and being socially responsible

We obey the law in Germany and in all the other countries where we work or intend to work. We take social responsibility seriously in the sectors in which we are active. We do this in a direct sense through our companies and indirectly through the Marianne Blumenbecker Foundation.